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Does America Still Have What It Takes?

American culture has run with the concept of the autonomous individual as no other culture has ever done. But that sense of autonomy has been deteriorating for at least a half-century—in part because Americans have lost religion.

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  1. Terminal Sclerosis by Charles Murray
    Can American innovation survive the paralysis of American government? A reply to my respondents.

  2. Fear of Falling by Walter Russell Mead
    How global competition can spur technological innovation and keep America (and Israel) dynamic.

  3. Will Israel Have What It Takes? by Ran Baratz
    Thanks to a mix of old values—mutual responsibility—and new ones—individual freedom—Israel is thriving; but challenges loom.

  4. The Course of Cultural Genius by Dean Keith Simonton
    Why some cultures rise while others fall, and still others revive—a brief survey.

Israel's Big Mistake

In the disastrous aftermath of the Oslo accords, having awakened from a false dream, we Israelis have become realistic. In doing so, we have also lost something that is key to our sense of ourselves, and to our future.

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  1. Solving the Israel-Palestinian Conflict by Yoav Sorek
    Not everything depends on us Israelis; but much does. Here's what we can do.

  2. O Pioneers! by Haviv Rettig Gur
    Have Israeli Jews really lost their self-confident, forward-looking spirit?

  3. The Vision Thing by Sol Stern
    Why do scenarios for a better Middle East—like Yoav Sorek's—tend to succumb to the utopian temptation?

  4. Two-State-Minus by Hillel Halkin
    The two-state solution won’t work, the one-state solution won’t work. Where does that leave us?

Same-Sex Marriage and the Jews

The Reform and Conservative branches of the Jewish religious world have been eager to institute gay marriage. The only outlier is Orthodoxy. What's at stake?

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  1. Who's Afraid of Jewish Marriage? by Sam Schulman
    A reply to my respondents.

  2. Gay Love and Jewish Tradition by David Wolpe
    Sam Schulman is wrong; same-sex marriage is simple, sacred, and very Jewish indeed.

  3. Is Jewish Marriage Unique? by Sherif Girgis
    Or is it more similar to Christian marriage than Sam Schulman suggests?

  4. From "We" to "I" by Shlomo Brody
    The greater threat to Jewish mores stems not from same-sex marriage but from heterosexual promiscuity.
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Murray reply

Does America Still Have It?

Terminal Sclerosis
Can American innovation survive the paralysis of American government? A reply to my respondents.
By Charles Murray


Does America Still Have It?

Fear of Falling
How global competition can spur technological innovation and keep America (and Israel) dynamic.
by Walter Russell Mead

Hadari Song of Songs

Love Songs

The Love of Their Youth
The Song of Songs and the old men, filled with longing, who sing it.
by Atar Hadari


The Intellectual Scene

The Walter Benjamin Brigade
How an original but maddeningly opaque German Jewish intellectual became a thriving academic industry.
by Walter Laqueur

Doran Russia


It's Not Just Ukraine
What his actions in Eastern Europe tell us about how Vladimir Putin sees the Middle East.
by Michael Doran

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Nicholson Essay

The October Essay

Evangelicals and Israel
What do evangelicals really think about the Jewish people, what are the roots of their Christian Zionism—and what is now driving a growing number away from wholehearted support of Israel.
by Robert W. Nicholson

Horn Surnames

What's In A Name

Jewish Surnames [Supposedly] Explained
“Dara, you’ll love this!” Actually, I don’t.
by Dara Horn

Degenerate Art

The Art World

Degenerate Art and the Jewish Grandmother
The story of the family behind the Nazi-era art trove.
By Walter Laqueur


Conservative and Orthodox

The Crisis in Jewish Law Today
Orthodox rabbis need to stop worrying about 200-year-old battles with “Reformers” and allow Jewish law to develop organically, as it did in the past.
By David Golinkin


The Situation in Europe

You Only Live Twice
Vibrant Jewish communities were reborn in Europe after the Holocaust. Is there a future for them in the 21st century?
by Michel Gurfinkiel