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Friday, April 25

Whose Unity Government?

Whether or not the deal between Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas holds, it has already strengthened another coalition government: Benjamin Netanyahu’s.

Tiptoeing Up to the Point

Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, has spoken the bold truth about Islamist violence—only not yet the whole truth.   

Can’t Break Our Bread

On New York’s Upper West Side, anti-Israel protesters at Zabar’s, the gourmet emporium, met a response they hadn’t banked on: “Go to hell!”  

The World of Yesterday

The renowned Austrian Jewish author Stefan Zweig, in comfortable exile during World War II, committed suicide in Brazil in February 1942. Why?

What We Built

Could a recently discovered chisel dating to late Second Temple times have been dropped by a workman at the Western Wall?  

Thursday, April 24

Sailing Away on Noah’s Ark

Most ethnically-themed museums embrace and celebrate their group’s traditional identity. Not so, when the museum is a Jewish museum.  

From Bad to Worse

Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Poland: how to explain the mistakes, blunders, and disasters of American foreign policy in the last years?

Try Justice

Wilsonian ideals aren’t the only standard to be applied to the question of whether the Jews had a legitimate right to a state in Palestine.

The Paranoid Mr. X

George F. Kennan, the architect of American cold-war strategy, did not much like the country he served—or the alleged influence of Jews in its national life.

Return and Forgiveness

Overwhelming guilt can lead to self-harm, even to suicide; in Judaism, however, no individual is qualified to render final judgment in his own case.

Wednesday, April 23

Jerusalem is Where?

In an explosive case, the Supreme Court will revisit the petition of a Jerusalem-born American to have Israel listed in his passport as his country of birth. (Registration required.)

BDS and Blindness

It has taken a twenty-nine-year-old movie star to state the plain truth about a movement that spreads hatred of Jews and the Jewish state.

Unleash Animal Spirits

Despite recent growth, overly burdensome regulations have stifled economic development in Israel. Market reforms are urgently needed.

How Kafka Lived

His work was not “Kafkaesque.” Nor, despite assertions to the contrary, did he “transcend,” or aspire to transcend, his Jewishness.

Nile Virus

In today’s Egypt, belief in a Jewish world conspiracy is nearly universal. How is a country consumed with such madness ever to become a liberal democracy?

Friday, April 18

A Community in Peril

Throughout the Middle East—except in Israel—Christians are under assault. Who will stand up for them? 

Expect the Unexpected

In order to succeed, an Israeli attack on Iran must employ the elements of deception and surprise. On this point, history is informative. 

Ordered Liberty

As the Exodus story suggests, the blessings of freedom are secured through laws: guardrails that tame the ego and remind us of permanent truths.  

Abusing Anne Frank

An exhibit bearing the Dutch girl’s name decries modern-day instances of hatred and ethnic and cultural prejudice. Missing is any mention of anti-Semitism.

Keeping it Together

Did the talmudic sage Hillel anticipate by eighteen centuries the invention widely attributed to the Earl of Sandwich?

Thursday, April 17

Shocking Ignorance

Blind to intra-Palestinian rivalries, and to the local character of Arab politics, Washington misses the real cause of the breakdown in peace talks. 

Aliyah on the Rise?

With rising anti-Semitism abroad and growing prosperity at home, is Israel set to experience a new large-scale immigration?  

Brought to You by Syria

The career of Patrick Seale, for decades the most important foreign apologist for the Assad family, offers a useful study in how dictatorial regimes spread propaganda. 

Who Wrote the Haggadah?

The book read today would be unrecognizable to the ancient Jews who first devised the home ritual of the seder.   

Passover 1948

“A five-year-old boy didn’t merely recite the traditional four questions, but asked them, as if he wanted to be told why a seder in besieged Jerusalem was different from any other.” (1948)
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