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Friday, September 12

A Teaching Moment

Defending Israel at a conference dedicated to the plight of Middle Eastern Christians, Senator Ted Cruz was booed off the stage, saying, “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you.”

One Monster, Two Heads

Anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism work hand in hand, and will not be defeated by pretending otherwise. (September 11, 2011)

Saying No to Open Borders

The Torah tells us to love the stranger, but—contrary to what some activists claim—Jewish law and values do not mandate unrestricted immigration.

Remembering “Comrade Madam”

The South African writer Nadine Gordimer won the Nobel Prize for her fiction. In life, she promoted and romanticized Communism and embraced the anti-apartheid cause only when it turned to terrorism.

Against Entitlement

Deuteronomy warns that material wellbeing can lead to self-satisfaction and moral complacency. The antidote? Gratitude and generosity.

Thursday, September 11

Facing the Future

The former vice president discusses U.S. foreign policy since 9/11 and today’s challenges in the Middle East and elsewhere. (Video, 38 minutes)

What Price Victory?

Only taking and holding territory can achieve decisive military results against Hamas or Islamic State. Unwilling to travel that route, Israel and the U.S. have a long struggle ahead.

Our Own Worst Enemies?

Much of the Western media’s anti-Israel narrative originates with Israeli journalists.

In Praise of a Rabbinical Sleuth

In Harry Kemelman’s “Rabbi Small” novels, a proudly Jewish cleric confronts issues and solves mysteries with the aid of insights psychological, sociological, and theological.

Test-Tube Burgers: Kosher?

As scientists develop a way of bioengineering meat in a laboratory, rabbis will have to determine whether and how the results satisfy the standards of kashrut.

Wednesday, September 10

Today’s Henry Ford

Glenn Greenwald, of Snowden fame, helps edit a far-left publication that obsessively maligns Israel. Its backer? The French-Iranian-American billionaire founder of eBay.

Ireland’s Israel Problem

The IDF just intervened to save Irish peacekeepers in Syria from an al-Qaeda affiliate. For its part, the Irish government remains the most anti-Israel in Europe.

From Manchester to Jerusalem

Known for his fine translations from Hebrew, Walter Lever lived in Israel at the time of its birth and left a deeply thoughtful memoir of a new life being made in the Jewish homeland.

An Academic Scandal

Steven Salaita was denied tenure at the University of Illinois ostensibly because of his anti-Israel extremism. Someone should have questioned his bizarre and shoddy “scholarship.”

Conduct Unbecoming

Turkey funds Hamas, enables Iran’s sanction-busting, and is home to a major al-Qaeda financier. And—Turkey is a member of NATO.

Tuesday, September 9

A Rigged Peace Initiative

How can Mahmoud Abbas demonstrate to his Hamas-loving public that diplomacy remains an effective way of waging war against Israel? For an answer, see his just-unveiled plan for a “final settlement.”

The IDF’s Ethics

In Operation Protective Edge, the Israeli military acted with self-discipline and respect for human dignity—core values deeply rooted in the Jewish tradition.

Sharia Police in Germany

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Salafist vigilantes have begun actively enforcing Islamist law in mainly Muslim neighborhoods. While the authorities worry, neo-Nazis are organizing.

Bible Criticism vs. Judaism

Academic study of the Bible in order to shed light on its origins presents a theological minefield; but this does not mean that traditionalist Jews should ignore it or cannot learn from it.

Why Stefan Zweig?

The famed elegist of turn-of-the-century Vienna has sparked renewed interest. Is it because he sustains the dream—or, rather, the fantasy—of a Europe that never was and is not now?

Monday, September 8

Clueless or Complicit?

While the UN investigates Israel’s alleged war crimes, its own chief agency in Gaza, largely funded by the U.S., has been functioning as a support system for Hamas.

Terrorism Works

Hamas and Hizballah have been rewarded for their brutality by the international community. Why, suddenly, is everybody shocked by the tactics of the Islamic State?

No Anti-Semites Here

The French Muslims who in 2006 captured, tortured, and murdered Ilan Halimi hated Jews, and said so. The media and French authorities denied any anti-Semitic motive.

Where Ashkenaz Began

Along the Rhine, vestiges of a 1,500-year-old history of Jewish settlement are being dug up and preserved; living Jews are harder to find.

Do Polish Jews Have a Future?

Reflections by a journalist who made his name during the heyday of Solidarity and is now a Polish patriot, observant Jew, Zionist, and communal leader. (Interview by Sarah Breger)
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What Now for Israel?

What Now for the United States?
How America can help the new Arab-Israel alliance to resist IS and stabilize the Middle East.
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Remembrance of Trumpets Past
Rosh Hashanah as described in the Torah looks very different from the Rosh Hashanah we know today. What happened, and what exactly are we celebrating?
by Nathan Laufer

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The Holocaust

A Tree Grows in Lublin
Remembering Jan Karski, the Pole who told FDR to his face about the Holocaust, and still wondered if he'd done enough.
By Joshua Muravchik

Freundel Wertheimer

Can Modern Orthodoxy Survive?

The Unresolved Dilemmas of Modern Orthodoxy
Everyone agrees that the movement needs to rethink and revamp. Very few agree on how.
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Tevye Betrayed

What’s Wrong with Fiddler on the Roof
Fifty years on, no work by or about Jews has won American hearts so thoroughly. So what's my problem?
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Horn Surnames

What's In A Name

Jewish Surnames [Supposedly] Explained
“Dara, you’ll love this!” Actually, I don’t.
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The Intellectual Scene

The Walter Benjamin Brigade
How an original but maddeningly opaque German Jewish intellectual became a thriving academic industry.
by Walter Laqueur


Conservative and Orthodox

The Crisis in Jewish Law Today
Orthodox rabbis need to stop worrying about 200-year-old battles with “Reformers” and allow Jewish law to develop organically, as it did in the past.
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Abraham Isaac Kook Receives the Call
For a visionary rabbi in London, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 signified nothing less than the advent of the messianic era.
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The Situation in Europe

You Only Live Twice
Vibrant Jewish communities were reborn in Europe after the Holocaust. Is there a future for them in the 21st century?
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Degenerate Art

The Art World

Degenerate Art and the Jewish Grandmother
The story of the family behind the Nazi-era art trove.
By Walter Laqueur


The September Essay

Intermarriage: Can Anything Be Done?
A half-century after the rate of intermarriage in the US began to skyrocket, the Jewish community appears to have resigned itself to the inevitable. But to declare defeat is preposterous.
by Jack Wertheimer

Aharon L

The Rabbinic World

Who Is Aharon Lichtenstein?
Introducing the extraordinary rabbi who next week will receive Israel’s highest honor.
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Yom Hashoah

Making Amends
A mysterious request leads the Canadian-born son of a Holocaust survivor back to the old country.
by Robert Eli Rubinstein