Nuclear Semantics

Oct. 15 2013

Iran looks set to promise the West that it won’t produce nuclear weapons, but no outsider will be able to know whether it actually has any.

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Zionist Values, Israeli Security, and the Impediments to Palestinian Statehood

Sept. 29 2016

Rejecting much conventional wisdom about the possibilities of a two-state solution, Gershon Hacohen argues that any discussion of the Jewish state’s security challenges must begin with a discussion of its values:

Ultimately, one can’t discuss how to defend Israel’s existence without first touching on . . . what it is being defended for. We Israelis are not simply here in order to live securely; promises by U.S. presidents that America will always protect us do not impress me. If all I want is security, I might as well bring the entire population to Tel Aviv and build a huge fortress. Alternatively, I could move to Palo Alto, which has a better quality of life and greater opportunities. A U.S. general who told me that “at the end of the day everyone wants the same things—restaurants that are open until midnight and kids that can get safely to school”—deeply misunderstands me, because I can get all of that in New Jersey. . . .

[W]hen discussing security it’s important to emphasize that something beyond pure security exists, which lies in the realm of values and vision. I believe that the essence of Zionism is to live in the land of Israel, the land of our forefathers. We didn’t come here for a Jewish majority or even for sovereignty but rather simply to live in the land.

After analyzing what he sees as nearly insurmountable challenges to defending Israel effectively with a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Hacohen concludes that he counts himself “among those who believe that Israelis have no chance other than to live together with Arabs.”

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