Annika Hernroth-Rothstein

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein is a syndicated columnist for Israel Hayom and a frequent contributor to the Washington Examiner. 


"A Lot of People Want Malmö to Fail, Just as They Want Salahuddin and Me to Hate Each Other"

A visit with an imam and a rabbi who together are attempting the impossible in Sweden’s most notoriously anti-Semitic city.

Jan. 21 2020 12:01AM

Podcast: Annika Hernroth-Rothstein On Her Travels to the Most Far-Flung Jewish Communities

What this intrepid journalist learned from the pious Jews of Djerba, what it’s like to pray in a synagogue with Tehran’s remaining Jewish community, and more.

June 6 2019 12:01AM

Flourishing Under Confinement: A Visit to Jewish Iran

I’d heard horror stories about what to expect. What I actually witnessed was something far more interesting, more complicated, and more unsettling.

March 14 2016 12:01AM

Time for Swedish Jews to Leave?

When we ask for guarantees of our safety, we’re met with speeches and calls for patience. This is not living.

March 18 2015 12:01AM

What I Was Called When I Applied for Asylum in Sweden

Fear-monger. Alarmist. Trouble-maker.

March 5 2014 8:00PM

Seeking Shelter

Why I am filing for asylum in my own country, Sweden.
Nov. 17 2013 8:09PM

How to Survive as a Jew in Sweden

The only way to survive as a Jew in Sweden is not to be seen as one.

Aug. 21 2013 10:43PM