Asael Abelman

Asael Abelman teaches in the History Department at Herzog College and is a lecturer in Jewish history at Shalem College. He is the author of a comprehensive history of the Jewish people, Toldot Ha-Yehudim, which was published by Dvir in Hebrew in 2019.

Podcast: Asael Abelman on the History of "Hatikvah"

To mark the 76th anniversary of Israel’s founding, the historian looks at the national anthem’s story, mysteries, and paradoxes.

May 17 2024 12:01AM

Daniel Gordis and Asael Abelman on the Personality of the New Jew

Two top Israeli observers examine the dominant Jewish personalities in Israel today, and how they compare to the ideas of pre-state Zionist writers.

July 15 2022 12:01AM

How a Founding Socialist Inspired Karl Marx, and Then Went on to Herald the State of Israel

What exactly did Moses Hess believe he was repenting from?

May 9 2022 12:17AM

What Zionist Historians Have Thought about Hanukkah

“It was one of the decisive events in human history. Never before had men been convinced, as they were then, that an idea was something to fight for and to die for.”

Dec. 14 2020 12:01AM

Anglo-Jewish Attitudes

Gertrude Himmelfarb, historian of Victorian Britain and of the 18th-century Enlightenment, has lately devoted special attention to Jewish history and culture. What’s the connection?

July 20 2017 12:01AM

The Failure of Cultural Zionism

To its shame, the movement led by Ahad Ha’am missed the extreme urgency of the Jewish situation in Europe. Thankfully, the revival of his thought in today’s Israel is another matter.

Oct. 26 2016 12:01AM