Vance Serchuk

Vance Serchuk is the executive director of the KKR Global Institute and an adjunct senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security.

Podcast: Vance Serchuk on Ten Years of the Russia-Ukraine War

What has the U.S. learned about tactics, strategy, and the harsh world of great-power conflict?

March 1 2024 12:01AM

Podcast: Vance Serchuk on the History and Politics Behind Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has begun. To explain how it came about and what can be done, a top foreign-policy scholar joins the podcast this week.

Feb. 25 2022 12:01AM

Israel Can Teach America How to Be More Creative in the Face of Powerful Adversaries

Americans may soon face the unfamiliar challenge of a rival with as many resources as the U.S. has, or more: precisely the situation in which Israelis have always excelled.

Dec. 30 2019 12:01AM