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Walter Laqueur is the author of, among other books, WeimarA History of TerrorismFascism: Past, Present, Future, and The Dream that Failed: Reflections on the Soviet Union. His newest book, Putinism: Russia and Its Future with the West, was released in 2015 by Thomas Dunne/St. Martin’s.

My memories of athletic life as a Jewish teenager in Germany during the tumultuous 1930s.

May 4 2017 12:08AM

Last month I received two letters that brought back memories of a love story with the Holocaust as background but, for once, not with a tragic ending.

Dec. 8 2016 12:01AM

Though he’s now largely unknown, for many Europeans of my generation he was the most important writer of our time. Were we right about him?

Sept. 22 2016 12:01AM

In 1928, a “Jewish autonomous region” was set up in the far east to provide a home for Soviet Jewry. But, as a new book describes, it was no solution at all.

Aug. 11 2016 12:01AM

For the sake of Europe’s future, it would pay to revisit the many warning signs that, though pointed out at the time, were mocked, dismissed, or denied.

Jan. 21 2016 12:01AM

The Yale historian’s much-lauded new book promises a revolutionary view of the Holocaust. But it misleads more than it enlightens.

Nov. 4 2015 12:01AM

There’s a new national ideology forming in Russia—and “the Jews” play a big part in it.

June 25 2015 12:01AM
How an original but maddeningly opaque German Jewish intellectual became a thriving academic industry.
April 3 2014 12:05AM
The story of the family behind the Nazi-era art trove
Dec. 4 2013 12:39AM
For some intellectuals, it all depends.
Oct. 30 2013 8:57PM

Anti-Semitism is only one factor contributing to the demise of European Jewry, and not the most decisive one.

Aug. 18 2013 10:23PM