Meir Kahane and Jacob Taubes: Two Crazy Jews with Polarizing Worldviews

Meir Kahane and Jacob Taubes were prophets of an unsettling vision: to them, human history did not follow a trajectory of incremental progress, where things improve over time; rather, Jewish history taught that human events can change radically, for good or bad—and that such change was not the result of a general, progressive providence, but of a transcendent yet unpredictable God, the God of the Hebrew Bible.

In his feature essay this month, the professor Samuel Goldman says that Kahane and Taubes posed “uncomfortable questions for comfortable Jews.” To interrogate Goldman’s reading of Kahane and Taubes, and to think about how the ideas of these two fascinating and controversial figures affect American Jews today, we’re bringing him together in conversation with the Harvard Ph.D candidate J.J. Kimche, and the Jewish studies scholar Sara Yael Hirschhorn, each of whom wrote reviews of a recent biography of Kahane.

Please join us Thursday, July 20, at 12 pm Eastern time for a fascinating discussion about these two crazy Jews and their polarizing worldviews.

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