Israel and the American Presidents: A Special Invitation to Mosaic’s Readers

Mosaic is inviting our most loyal readers to join us for a unique intellectual experience.

Michael Doran is one of Mosaic’s—and the country’s—most thoughtful and influential analysts of America’s role in the world, with particular emphasis on the Middle East.

We’re delighted now to announce a new Mosaic lecture series with Dr. Doran that will tackle—for the first time—an even more ambitious topic: how every American president, from Harry Truman to Donald Trump, has understood and shaped America’s strategic relationship with Israel.

This lecture series is a special opportunity for Mosaic readers and is not open to the general public.


Join In-Person or by Exclusive Webcast


There will be ten monthly sessions in all, and each can be attended in-person or by exclusive webcast. In case you’d like to mark your calendar, the dates of all ten lectures are given below.



The Dates: November 2017 to August 2018


Monday, November, 13, 2017: Truman

Monday, December 18, 2017: Eisenhower

Monday, January, 8, 2018: Kennedy and Johnson

Monday, February, 12, 2018: Nixon and Ford

Tuesday, March 13, 2018: Carter

Monday, April, 16, 2018: Reagan

Monday, May, 14, 2018: G.H.W. Bush and Clinton

Monday, June, 11, 2018: G.W.Bush

Monday, July, 9, 2018: Obama

Monday, August, 6, 2018: Trump

All lectures will start at 6:30 pm.


The Lecturer: Michael Doran


Michael Doran is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC. He received his PhD in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University, and held high-level positions in the administration of George W. Bush. He appears frequently on television, and has published extensively in Mosaic, Foreign Affairs, The American Interest, Commentary, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. His most recent book is Ike’s Gamble: America’s Rise to Dominance in the Middle East.


The Location: The Tikvah Center / New York City / Live Webcast


For those attending in person, the lectures will take place at the Tikvah Center at 165 East 56th Street, New York, New York, 10022. For those attending by exclusive webcast, recordings will be made available live and for five days after each lecture.




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