Show-and-Tell for the World's Most Interesting Judaica Collectors

Once a month in Manhattan, a small group of committed collectors gather to share their latest finds, identify fakes, pass on knowledge, and share in the arts of material remembering.

April 26, 2021 | Menachem Wecker
About the author: Menachem Wecker, a freelance journalist based in Washington DC, covers art, culture, religion, and education for a variety of publications.

A decorative tray with a scene from Exodus by Joseph Tembach, Vienna, c. 1925. Godong/Universal Images Group via Getty Images.

New York’s best off-Broadway show has been running for 50 years, but it’s still pretty obscure. Virtually invisible on Google and social media, it’s finally getting around to building its first website. Its low online profile is due to the age of the cast of characters who make it so fun to watch. Those with newly-minted AARP cards lower the average age by a couple of decades.

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