Podcast: Avi Weiss Talks about the AMIA Bombing Cover-Up https://mosaicmagazine.com/observation/jewish-world/2019/08/podcast-avi-weiss-talks-about-the-amia-bombing-cover-up/

The rabbi, activist, and author of this month’s Mosaic essay drops by our studio to talk about his time in Argentina laboring to comfort, and to seek justice for, the bereaved.

August 29, 2019 | Tikvah Podcast at Mosaic, Avi Weiss
About the author: A weekly podcast, produced in partnership with the Tikvah Fund, offering up the best thinking on Jewish thought and culture. Avi Weiss is founding rabbi of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale in New York City and founder of the rabbinical schools Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and Yeshivat Maharat. His most recent book is Journey to Open Orthodoxy.  

Protestors with posters reading “We Are All Nisman” and “Enough of Corruption and Impunity K” (K referring to then-president Christina Kirchner) in Buenos Aires on January 19, 2015, days after the death of Argentine public prosecutor Alberto Nisman. ALEJANDRO PAGNI/AFP/Getty Images.

This Week’s Guest: Avi Weiss

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