A Threat Assessment for American Jewry, Part One https://mosaicmagazine.com/observation/politics-current-affairs/2021/07/a-threat-assessment-for-american-jewry-part-one/

Which of the recent samples of anti-Semitism—on the street, on campus, in Congress, or in the clergy—is the greatest threat to America and the Jews?

July 8, 2021 | Ruth R. Wisse
About the author: Ruth R. Wisse is a Mosaic columnist, professor emerita of Yiddish and comparative literatures at Harvard and a distinguished senior fellow at the Tikvah Fund. Her memoir Free as a Jew: a Personal Memoir of National Self-Liberation, chapters of which appeared in Mosaic in somewhat different form, is out from Wicked Son Press.

Demolition and recovery crews at the scene of the December 10, 2019 shooting at a Jewish deli in Jersey City, New Jersey. BRYAN R. SMITH/Afp/AFP via Getty Images.

Which of the following samples of anti-Semitism—all having occurred in the last few months—is the greatest threat to America and the Jews?

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