Archaeologists Discover the Oldest Extant Inscription Using the Modern Spelling of “Jerusalem”

Oct. 10 2018

In the oldest Hebrew inscriptions and manuscripts that mention the city of Jerusalem, the city’s name is spelled “Yerushalem” or simply “Shalem,” as opposed to the spelling “Yerushalayim,” which did not become standard until the end of the 1st millennium. The Jerusalem Post reports:

The limestone column that dates to the Second Temple period was discovered ten months ago on an excavation site near the International Convention Center in Jerusalem. The words “Hananiah son of Dudolos from Jerusalem” were etched on the column, which was part of a building that stood in a Jewish potters’ village near the entrance to Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago. . . .

The word Jerusalem was found on silver coins dating before the time of this column, but they were written in Aramaic.

Details of who Hananiah was and why he etched his name on the column are yet to be uncovered; however, what can be confirmed is that he was Jewish. . . . According to Dudy Mevorach, the chief curator of archaeology at the Israel Museum, “It is likely that [Hananiah] was an artisan or the son of an artisan” and [that the word] Dudolos was not [the name of his father] but an homage to the mythical Greek artist [Daedalus].

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