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August 20, 2019 | Isaac Tessler
About the author:

In the 1930s, a Jewish family visited Jerusalem and filmed what they saw, in color, with a 16mm camera. Isaac Tessler reports that, as part of a larger project, the amateur movie has been restored and made publicly available. (A 5-minute video and pictures can be found at the link below.)

The rare documentation includes footage of Old City alleys, the Mount Scopus Hebrew University, and above all, the Western Wall, long before the modern-day plaza existed, when only a narrow path separated it from the Moroccan Quarter. . . . The highly prized material was transferred to the Jerusalem Cinematheque Archive, which digitized it and made it accessible to the public.

Photos [from the archive] show Ḽaredi Jews from the Old Yishuv, Muslims wearing traditional garb, women in elaborate hats, camels, donkeys, and beggars on street corners. The few cars in the streets belong to people who served in administrative positions.

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