Want to Buy an Arabic Edition of “Mein Kampf” or Read about the “Zionist Octopus”? Head to the Saudi Arabian Book Fair

Aug. 16 2019

“After 250 years,” writes Daniel Pipes, “the Saudi dynasty under Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman appears cautiously to be exiting the Wahhabi hammerlock. But books on display at the 2019 Riyadh International Book Fair gave no hint of this.” To Pipes the large number of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel titles—which contrast sharply with the thaw in relations between Riyadh and Jerusalem—suggest the slow pace of change in the kingdom.

Some of the titles include Zionist Terrorism and Arab Peace: Between Martyrdom and Extermination, The Role of Jews from Artaxerxes to Balfour, The Zionist Octopus and the American Administration, and, of course, The Holocaust Industry. That’s not to mention Hitler, two separate editions of Mein Kampf, and a book on the Freemasons.

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Who’s Really Politicizing Israel?

Aug. 22 2019

Responding to recent political controversies in the U.S. regarding the Jewish state, the columnist Thomas Friedman has argued that President Trump is trying deliberately to paint “the entire Republican Party as pro-Israel and the entire Democratic Party as anti-Israel.” Perhaps, writes Kevin Williamson, but that’s not the whole picture:

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