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June 30, 2020 | James Rogers
About the author:

While archaeologists routinely find artifacts from the biblical and Roman periods in the Old City of Jerusalem, a recent excavation near the Western Wall yielded historical items of much more recent vintage. James Rogers writes:

Archaeologists were excavating beneath the entrance lobby of the Western Wall tunnels [last] Wednesday when they found machine-gun magazines full of bullets, bayonets, and rifle parts. . . . The ammunition stash was found hidden in a cistern dating back to the period of the British Mandate in Palestine, which ended in 1948. The finds were examined by Israeli police bomb disposal experts.

“Apparently,” [said the archaeologists], “this is an ammunition dump that was purposely hidden by soldiers of the Royal Jordanian Army during the Six-Day War, perhaps when the IDF liberated the Old City.”

“This is ammunition that was produced in Britain in the Greenwood and Batley Ltd. factories in Leeds, Yorkshire,” added Assaf Peretz, of the Israel Antiquities Authority, who identified the ammunition.

Read more on Fox News: https://www.foxnews.com/science/jordanian-ammunition-stash-six-day-war-discovered-near-jerusalems-western-wall

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