The Image of the Jewish Sexual Deviant, from Voltaire to Kanye West

In a recent interview, the rapper Kanye West seemed to blame “Jewish Zionists” for encouraging sexual promiscuity, and specifically seemed to blame Jewish influence for the private life of his ex-wife, who, he stressed, is “a Christian woman.” His probable source for these vile speculations, direct or indirect, was Louis Farrakhan, who holds Jews responsible for the “filth and degenerate behavior” found in Hollywood. As Jonah Cohen explains, the idea of the Jewish man as perverse sexual predator and corruptor of the innocent is both widespread and deeply rooted:, a website founded by the white nationalist Richard Spencer, declared that the disgraced film producer and serial rapist Harvey Weinstein was “just one degenerate Jew” amid “the massive hive of degenerate Jews at the heart of Hollywood.” Lurid claims about Jewish lust spewed from the pages of the Daily Stormer, whose neo-Nazi founder, Andrew Anglin, laughed that the media is finally waking up to “the revelation that the perverted Jew Harvey Weinstein is in fact a Jewish pervert.”

On the last day of Passover 2019, a teenage gunman opened fire in a synagogue in Poway, California, killing one woman and injuring three other people. Among his reasons for the mass shooting, according to his manifesto, were the Jews’ “role in peddling pornography” and “their degenerate and abominable practices of sexual perversion.” Three years later, another teenager likewise left behind a manifesto accusing Jews of sexual perversion before he went on a racist shooting spree at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

It is an arresting fact that medieval pictorial renderings of the “blood libel” legend do sometimes fixate on male genital mutilation. Witness the woodcut by German artist Michael Wolgemut (1434-1519), which portrayed the “Jewish” ritual murder of a Christian child named Simon in the Italian city of Trent. . . . Wolgemut’s imagery likely played a role in the Poway synagogue shooting in 2019. Before the rampage, the shooter felt compelled to write down in his manifesto that “you are not forgotten Simon of Trent, the horror that you and countless children have endured at the hands of the Jews will never be forgiven.” A year later, the well-known Italian painter, Giovanni Gasparro, unveiled on Facebook his own version of Simon of Trent, again combining the imagery of a child’s male sex organ with Jewish torture and pedophilia.

The Poway shooter’s cri de coeur for children can be traced back, almost verbatim, to what was said about Jewish child abuse in the 1700s. “Concerning the horrifying murders of tender, innocent little children by Jews there is much to write,” the orientalist Johann Andreas Eisenmenger wrote in Judaism Unmasked (1710), an influential anti-Semitic polemic that ran to more than 2,000 pages. . . . No less a rationalist than Voltaire (1694-1778), who sternly frowned on the descriptions of promiscuity in the Hebrew Bible, suggested that Jewish men and women hunger for carnal relations with goats (an animal often symbolic of unrepentant sinners).

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While Israel Is Distracted on Two Fronts, Iran Is on the Verge of Building Nuclear Weapons

Iran recently announced its plans to install over 1,000 new advanced centrifuges at its Fordow nuclear facility. Once they are up and running, the Institute for Science and International Security assesses, Fordow will be able to produce enough highly enriched uranium for three nuclear bombs in a mere ten days. The U.S. has remained indifferent. Jacob Nagel writes:

For more than two decades, Iran has continued its efforts to enhance its nuclear-weapons capability—mainly by enriching uranium—causing Israel and the world to concentrate on the fissile material. The International Atomic Energy Agency recently confirmed that Iran has a huge stockpile of uranium enriched to 60 percent, as well as more enriched to 20 percent, and the IAEA board of governors adopted the E3 (France, Germany, UK) proposed resolution to censure Iran for the violations and lack of cooperation with the agency. The Biden administration tried to block it, but joined the resolution when it understood its efforts to block it had failed.

To clarify, enrichment of uranium above 20 percent is unnecessary for most civilian purposes, and transforming 20-percent-enriched uranium to the 90-percent-enriched product necessary for producing weapons is a relatively small step. Washington’s reluctance even to express concern about this development appears to stem from an unwillingness to acknowledge the failures of President Obama’s nuclear policy. Worse, writes Nagel, it is turning a blind eye to efforts at weaponization. But Israel has no such luxury:

Israel must adopt a totally new approach, concentrating mainly on two main efforts: [halting] Iran’s weaponization actions and weakening the regime hoping it will lead to its replacement. Israel should continue the fight against Iran’s enrichment facilities (especially against the new deep underground facility being built near Natanz) and uranium stockpiles, but it should not be the only goal, and for sure not the priority.

The biggest danger threatening Israel’s existence remains the nuclear program. It would be better to confront this threat with Washington, but Israel also must be fully prepared to do it alone.

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