The EU Is Building Illegal Settlements in the West Bank

February 9, 2015 | Tom Wilson
About the author:

Even as members of the European Union, both collectively and as individual states, obsessively condemn Israel over its settlements in the West Bank, it emerge that that EU is itself funding settlements there. The difference is that unlike Israeli settlements, the EU’s Palestinian settlements are unquestionably illegal. Tom Wilson writes:

Somewhat bizarrely these outposts fly the EU federal flag and are staffed by EU personnel boldly dressed in EU uniforms. . . .

It is of course baffling that at a time when Europe is so totally cash-strapped, and when a war rages in its own backyard (Ukraine), Brussels is funneling millions into illegal West Bank settlements. And all the while EU officials and European governments use accusations of settlement building to lambaste Israel. But what this really exposes is that all of the EU’s high-minded talk about international law is just an excuse and a means of dressing up contempt for the Jewish state in acceptable language. Its own illegal settlement project demonstrates that the EU cares nothing for international law in the West Bank.

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