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April 19, 2016 | Robert Zubrin
About the author:

Noting that the presidential candidate has expressed contempt for NATO, that several of his advisers have close ties with Vladimir Putin, and that Putin’s court philosopher Aleksandr Dugin has endorsed him, Robert Zubrin argues that a Trump administration is likely to adopt the current White House’s callous attitude toward U.S. alliances. Zubrin takes Poland and Israel as his prime examples:

Russian military [threats] against Poland and the Baltic states were greatly enhanced by the failure of the Obama administration to honor America’s commitment to defend Ukraine with more than token support. Trump’s adviser Carter Page, however, has attacked Obama for defending Ukraine too strongly. . . .

Another country that a Trump administration would place in existential danger is Israel. While Trump’s statement that he would act as a neutral arbiter between Israel and the Palestinians has received some attention, the much greater threat to the Jewish state comes from Trump’s desire to align America with Putin’s Russia. This is so because Russia’s Middle East strategy is centered on building up an Iranian empire stretching from Lebanon to Afghanistan as a powerful junior partner to Moscow in the planned Eurasian bloc. . . .

Consistent with his pro-Putin tilt, Trump has stated that the United States should back the Russian-Iranian client Bashar al-Assad, as [President Obama has]. Thus a Trump administration offers Israel the terrifying prospect of a nuclear-armed Iranian regional hegemon, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Hindu Kush, backed by Russia and unopposed by the United States. A Trump presidency could lead to the end of Poland’s independence and of Israel’s existence.

Read more on National Review: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/434051/donald-trump-vladimir-putin-poland-israel-threatened

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