The UN Remains an Impediment to Peace between Israel and the Palestinians

May 31, 2016 | Mudar Zahran
About the author:

Almost since its creation, the UN has been involved in the Arab-Israel conflict, yet it has accomplished next to nothing in helping to solving it. Indeed, writes Mudar Zahran, it has only exacerbated it:

The UN, for six decades, has failed to produce any practical or feasible solution to the Arab-‎Israeli conflict, despite the billions of dollars that the U.S. government has given to the UN for ‎the purpose of advancing peace. Even worse, UN policies and practices have turned ‎[my] Palestinian brethren into lifelong refugees through the UN Relief and ‎Works Agency (UNRWA), whose largest donor is the U.S.

It is no secret that UNRWA has given a de-facto green light to Arab governments, including ‎that of Jordan, to abuse, isolate, and starve Palestinians so they would never integrate into their host countries and never ‎forget about Palestine. . . .

At the same time, the UN has always complicated the relationship between Palestinians and ‎Israelis by highlighting even the most minor unrest between ‎the two. This pattern of behavior on the UN’s part has expanded the conflict and killed the potential for peace.‎

Even worse, the UN has . . . attacked and compromised economic progress between Palestinians and Israelis by endorsing the boycott of Israeli ‎products, which results in [Palestinians] losing employment opportunities at Israeli ‎companies. This pushes Palestinians toward ‎hopelessness and radicalization and further kills the potential for peace.‎ . . .

The world must realize that we, the people of the region, Arabs and Israelis, can solve our problems without outside influence or UN involvement.

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