Hamas, Which Destroys the Environment, Wins the Support of the American Green Party

March 4 2019

While ostensibly focused on environmental issues, the U.S. Green party has adopted the anti-Israel cause as a key plank of its platform. In September, it even petitioned the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel for committing a fictitious list of crimes against Palestinians. Alan Baker comments:

Israel is one of the only states that excels in the very values treasured by the Green movement—innovative ways to protect the environment, reduce pollution, purify wastewater, desalinate seawater, reforest, and protect natural resources. It is [therefore] curious that the U.S. Green party, as a matter of policy, considers itself sufficiently credible and authoritative as to advocate dismantling the state of Israel and replacing it with “one secular, democratic state for Palestinians and Israelis on the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.”

It buys, lock-stock-and-barrel, into the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign aimed at undermining Israel’s very existence, naïvely believing “that BDS can become the most effective nonviolent means for achieving justice and genuine peace between Palestinians and Israelis.” In this manner, it supports the hostile and irresponsible propaganda [of those] seeking the destruction and delegitimation of Israel. . . .

[Meanwhile], Hamas’s deliberate stockpiling and burning of thousands of tires creates mass pollution along the border area with caustic carbon fumes polluting the environment and damaging the health of the Palestinians themselves as well as the residents of Israeli communities in the vicinity of the border. The pumping of polluted sewage from Gaza into the Israeli side of the border is another blatant environmental violation that renders the lives of the residents a living nightmare. The massive piles of garbage that have accumulated in the area after three giant landfills were set up along the border fence have left the Israeli residents of the border area to cope with a putrid and toxic smell being carried by the wind across the border.

None of these actions has earned the condemnation, or even the concern, of the Green party.

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