Catering to the Democratic Fringe, Bernie Sanders Defames Israel Again

April 29, 2019 | Ariel Bolstein
About the author:

At a public event on Monday, the Vermont senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, while insisting that he is “not anti-Israel,” declared that the Jewish state “is now run by a right-wing—dare I say—racist government.” Ariel Bolstein comments:

Sanders didn’t explain his use of one of the worst insults that exist in American and Western discourse. Average onlookers . . . were expected simply to believe him. The problem is that there are millions who will. And worse—even those who don’t believe him will be influenced [by his remarks]. . . .

An analysis of Sanders’ previous comments about Israel demonstrates that insulting the Jewish state is not a one-time slip-up by a demagogue senator who is trying to gather votes from the fringes of the Democratic party. In Sanders’ case, this is his approach: in everything having to do with Israel, he isn’t deterred by half-truths or even outright lies that reference the worst anti-Semitic stereotypes. There are plenty of examples.

When Sanders wanted to win the Democratic nomination in 2016, he claimed that Israel had killed over 10,000 innocent Palestinians, launched indiscriminate attacks in the Gaza Strip, and shelled hospitals in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge in 2014. The senator not only inflated the numbers by several orders of magnitude, he even outdid the Hamas spokespersons in creating a false narrative that the IDF was intentionally attacking the civilian population.

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