Peace Has Come, but Mahmoud Abbas Wants No Part of It

September 18, 2020 | David Horovitz
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Since the United Arab Emirates made public its desire to normalize relations with Israel, the Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas and his associates have vociferously condemned the move, and have likewise condemned Bahrain for joining in. David Horovitz reflects on Abbas’s current position:

Abbas self-righteously declares that he does not want to go down as the leader who sold out the Palestinian cause, as the leader who betrayed his people’s interests. But that’s precisely what he has done over the sixteen years since he succeeded the late Yasir Arafat, that duplicitous participant in a previous White House accords ceremony.

Unlike Arafat, Abbas hasn’t directly orchestrated terrorism. But he and his establishment have relentlessly incited against the Jewish state, deriding its historical legitimacy, and serving as a prime instigator of what President Donald Trump, in his speech [at the recent signing ceremony], accurately nailed as constant lies “that al-Aqsa was under attack.” . . . While he has mostly refused to negotiate, and, when briefly negotiating, has held to positions such as the untenable demand for a “right of return” to Israel for millions of Palestinians, his hand has grown weaker,

I wonder what was going through Mahmoud Abbas’s head on Tuesday [as representatives of Bahrain, the UAE, and Israel met on the White House lawn]. Does he really want to throw in his people’s lot with Gaza’s terrorists (who saw fit to fire rockets into Israel during and after the ceremony), Hizballah, and Tehran? Is he waiting for Trump to lose, and if so in the hope that a President Biden would do what exactly?

Was he even watching?

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