Israel-Palestinian Peace Starts with Combating Anti-Semitism

January 22, 2021 | Jonathan Michanie
About the author:

If there is to be a resolution to the conflict between the Jewish state and a putative Palestinian one, writes Jonathan Michanie, it won’t start with drawing lines on maps or restrictions on where Jews can build houses, but with the Palestinian Authority (PA) abandoning its official anti-Semitism. The PA can, in this regard, learn much from those Arab nations that have recently made peace with Israel:

[I]n the last four months, Morocco and Bahrain [adopted] the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism, which recognizes Jewish self-determination as a core component of Jewish identity.

Days after King Mohammed VI’s announcement that Morocco would normalize relations with the Jewish state, Rabat announced its decision to include lessons on both Jewish history and culture in its primary-school curriculum. This stands in stark contrast to the education offered by the PA, [under which] eleven-year-old children are subjected to an anti-Semitic indoctrination program.

[Before Israel considers further territorial concessions], the Palestinian Authority’s system of anti-Semitic indoctrination in its schooling system must be eradicated. From a young age, Palestinian children are taught to view Zionism as an inherent threat to their national aspirations and Jews as a European people who have colonized their ancestral homeland. A foundation of lies will not hold up the structure of peace.

Palestinian children must be exposed to studies that detail Jewish connection to the land and to the region. They must be taught about the horrific legacy of anti-Semitism and its modern shapes and forms.

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