Hostility to Jews Festers on College Campuses—and Refuses to Stay There

March 30, 2021 | Isaac de Castro
About the author:

Isaac de Castro, the cofounder of a group that monitors anti-Semitic incidents at American universities, reports on some recent cases:

At Columbia University, Jewish students were spat on and called murderers on their way to class, and professors have told their students anti-Semitism is no longer an issue [of concern]. At Cornell, a student assembly member was threatened . . . if he did not vote for BDS (boycotting, divesting from, and sanctioning Israel). At the University of Southern California, the student-body vice-president resigned from her position after being the victim of bullying and harassment for [identifying] as a Zionist. At Tufts, a student-judiciary member was silenced when discussing an unquestionably anti-Semitic referendum because his Jewish identity allegedly made him biased.

But what starts at universities refuses to stay there:

California’s ethnic-studies model curriculum . . . was unanimously passed by the state Board of Education. The lesson plans aim to teach children a racial hierarchy, in which Jews are the only group described with the word “privilege.” In previous version, Jews were not even mentioned. Capitalism was cited as a form of oppression along with racism and Islamophobia; anti-Semitism was not. Students who have been exposed to, and conditioned by, these illiberal tenets in college are entering the workforce and [are now themselves in a position] to reach the vulnerable minds of young kids to create a tightly knit cycle of indoctrination.

An Instagram post by the U.S. Palestinian Community Network commenting on the lukewarm changes made in the curriculum [thanks to the work of] Jewish advocacy groups reads, “Zionists have no place in the classroom!”

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