How Israel’s Economic Prospects Relate to Its Diplomacy

April 13, 2021 | Shlomi Fogel
About the author:

In conversation with the Israeli publisher Rotem Sella, Shlomi Fogel—an entrepreneur involved in developing commercial ties between the Jewish state and the United Arab Emirates—explains the vast opportunities for business and trade brought about by the Abraham Accords. Fogel argues that these flourishing economic relations will also lead to commercial ventures involving Saudi Arabia (which does not have diplomatic relations with Israel) and with Egypt (which does, but absent economic ties)—in turn breeding further diplomatic good will. Moreover, Fogel believes that these trends will bolster Israel society by strengthening its Arab citizens’ sense of investment in their country. Lastly, Fogel addresses the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and identifies reasons to be optimistic about the recovery. (Video, 36 minutes. Hebrew with English subtitles.)

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