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November 23, 2021 | Yoav Limor
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In Jerusalem on Sunday, a Hamas operative named Abu Shahidam shot dead twenty-six-year-old Eli Kay, and wounded four others. The same day, an eighteen-year-old Palestinian stabbed a sixty-seven-year-old man in an apparent terrorist attack in Jaffa. Yoav Limor explains why more attacks are likely to follow, and how Israel can respond:

First there is Hamas’s increased effort to direct attacks from the Gaza Strip, through the West Bank, into Israeli territory. A Gaza cell of this kind was apprehended last month in Samaria before carrying out a series of bombing and abduction attacks. . . . The second reason is the lack of governance in the West Bank, as reflected in growing anarchy in some areas. Although the Palestinian Authority has launched an operation to regain control of northern Samaria, it is facing a growing challenge from various elements, from terrorist organizations to criminal gangs.

The terrorist organization is playing games with Israel: in Gaza, Hamas wants to maintain peace as well as dialogue with Israel to maintain a ceasefire, but at the same time it is trying to escalate tensions in the West Bank. This situation has existed for many years, but Israel cannot continue to tolerate it. The time has come to make Hamas choose between calm or war, on all fronts.

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