The Soviet Roots of Left-Wing Anti-Zionism

June 17, 2022 | Avner Yeshurun
About the author:

Much of the anti-Israel rhetoric found in the West today, argues Avner Yeshurun, can be traced to Soviet-era propaganda campaigns against the Jewish state, and before that against Russian Zionists:

Anywhere that Communist cells were active, on any radio broadcast controlled by Moscow, in any printing house receiving instructions from the Kremlin, the demonization of Zionism featured prominently and was always related to specific current events in order to keep the embers of the world’s oldest hatred aglow.

This campaign also went beyond mere rhetoric. At times, it involved outright judicial murder. In 1951, for example, the leading Czechoslovakian Communist Rudolf Slansky was imprisoned and, under extreme torture, falsely confessed to involvement in a Zionist conspiracy, for which he received the death penalty. In 1952, on the “Night of the Murdered Poets,” Stalin executed thirteen Jewish intellectuals [who had actively supported Soviet propaganda efforts] for supposed loyalty to Israel and the “imperialist camp.” These are only two of many examples.

One of the Soviet propaganda machine’s greatest victories was the United Nations’ 1975 adoption of the “Zionism is Racism” resolution. Its revocation in 1991 had little effect on the UN’s stance on Israel.

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