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September 28, 2022 | Danielle Greyman
About the author:

For her final assignment before receiving her sociology degree at the University of Leeds, Danielle Greyman decided to write about Hamas’s abusive rule in Gaza. Her research taught her something that was indeed worth knowing:

Despite my assignment not being about Israel, the feedback I received from my grader was almost entirely attacking me for not blaming Israel. I was given a failing grade of 35. I know students who have written their essays drunk, at 2 am the night before they were due, and who still received a 50. The grader and university were saying my essay had absolutely no academic merit whatsoever.

I was shocked, and decided to research the grader, Claudia Radiven. I had never spoken to her, never had a class with her, and never interacted with her. Yet, I found I was blocked by her on Twitter. This is enough for me to believe the anonymity of marking was breached. I quickly created a new Twitter [account] to research her. I found tweets showing her support for Hamas, condemning Israel for actions that never happened, and just outright anti-Semitism.

To date, the University of Leeds has still not apologized or even acknowledged the discrimination that took place. Claudia Radiven is now the head of the module that this assignment was for, despite her irregular marking.

I did not get to continue into postgraduate study. I didn’t attend my graduation ceremony. . . . And I have been told by numerous Jewish sociologists that the field is so tainted by anti-Semitism that I should avoid it.

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