The UN’s Latest Anti-Israel Outrage, and What Congress Can Do about It

In May of 2021, the UN Human Rights Council—whose current members include such paragons of human rights as China, Venezuela, and Qatar—created a special Commission of Inquiry (COI) to investigate human-rights violations “in the Occupied Palestinian Territory [sic], including East Jerusalem, and in Israel, . . . leading up to and since April 13, 2021.” This commission, whose open-ended remit has no real parallel within the United Nations, released its second report last week. Clifford May comments:

[T]he COI is funded—with Americans contributing the lion’s share—for the express purpose of demonizing and delegitimizing Israel in perpetuity. . . . The report urges UN members to prosecute Israeli officials for alleged violations of “international humanitarian law.” What does the report say about Hamas and the more than 4,000 rockets it fired at Israelis, its routine use of Palestinian civilians as “human shields,” and the support it receives from Tehran? Not a word. “Hamas,” “rockets,” and “terrorism” are not mentioned.

Israelis are protesting the report as they have protested such slanders in the past and will in the future. They’re also reminding anyone who will listen—not a large cohort—that one of the COI’s prominent members, Miloon Kothari, has questioned why Israel is “even a member of the United Nations.” Needless to say, Mr. Kothari has not suggested [the expulsion of] the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, or the Islamic Republic of Iran.

To [the COI], Jewish lives don’t matter. But they regard Palestinian lives as cheap, too. What other conclusion can we draw when they incessantly give Palestinians incentive to kill and be killed?

For now, American taxpayers still lavishly fund the UN. But a bill before Congress, the COI Elimination Act, would at least cut off dollars to one of its Jew-hating entities. Its passage would represent a small step toward decency.

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