A Coordinated Terrorist Campaign against Israel Is Being Planned for Ramadan https://mosaicmagazine.com/picks/israel-zionism/2023/03/a-coordinated-terrorist-campaign-against-israel-is-being-planned-for-ramadan/

March 17, 2023 | Yoni Ben Menachem
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Over the weekend, a person snuck into northern Israel from Lebanon and planted an unusually sophisticated bomb, which was detonated on Monday morning and wounded one person. Israeli officials kept most of these details under wraps until Wednesday. Yoni Ben Menachem sees the attack as a precursor to a major escalation planned by Iran in concert with its proxy force, Hizballah, and its allies Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad:

According to intelligence data from various sources, Israeli security officials assess that with the approach of the month of Ramadan [March 22–April 20] there will be an unprecedented conflict with the Palestinian terrorist factions on several fronts that may deteriorate into a military conflict more acute than that in the Gaza Strip in May 2021.

The accumulation of [threatening] statements by the heads of the terrorist organizations in the media, and intelligence information, indicate an impending escalation. . . . It is very doubtful whether Israel will be able to stop the approaching tsunami of terrorism since this is a strategic decision by the terrorist organizations in coordination with Iran.

According to officials in the military wing of Hamas, the attack on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv on March 9, 2023, marks the organization’s decision to resume attacks within the Green Line. . . . . According to security officials in Israel, behind all this malevolent activity is Iran, which in the past year has smuggled arms and funds through Jordan to the northern West Bank into the hands of the terrorist organizations.

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