The Party of the Squad Celebrated the Slaughter of Jews

Turning from the Middle East to America, we must pay attention to the fact that there is no shortage of people, many of whom consider themselves righteous defenders of humanity, who are more than willing to excuse the murder of Jews. Thus it should come as no surprise that the Democratic Socialists of America—whose members include Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush, and (until, recently, it seems) Jamaal Bowman—responded to the recent butchery by holding a rally in Times Square in support of Hamas. Elisha Wiesel, who took part in a small counterdemonstration, writes:

We watched as more than a hundred persons across the NYPD barricade responded to this weekend’s acts of Hamas brutality by shouting “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free” and “We Don’t Want Two States, We Want All of It.” Some spat at us. The DSA urged their attendees to wear masks and avoid being photographed, but one unmasked individual proudly displayed a swastika on his phone.

There will soon come pressure for Israel to let Hamas stay in power. Jewish blood must no longer be cheap. I urge you: impose consequences for elected officials who are soft on terror when Jews, including at least [twenty] Americans, are the victims.

Let’s start by holding our elected officials to account and bringing them back to reality. We must demand that they, including Mr. Bowman, break from extremist groups that foment anti-Semitic hatred like DSA. The time to write them and make that clear is now.

So shameful was the display in Times Square that Ocasio-Cortez issued a condemnation, in which she didn’t fail to mention the “grave injustices and violence Palestinians face under”—there it is again—“occupation.” Her mealymouthed rhetoric stands in stark contrast to the behavior of her fellow congressman Shri Thanedar of Michigan, who on Wednesday renounced his DSA membership and released a far less ambiguous denunciation of Hamas.

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Iran’s Calculations and America’s Mistake

There is little doubt that if Hizballah had participated more intensively in Saturday’s attack, Israeli air defenses would have been pushed past their limits, and far more damage would have been done. Daniel Byman and Kenneth Pollack, trying to look at things from Tehran’s perspective, see this as an important sign of caution—but caution that shouldn’t be exaggerated:

Iran is well aware of the extent and capability of Israel’s air defenses. The scale of the strike was almost certainly designed to enable at least some of the attacking munitions to penetrate those defenses and cause some degree of damage. Their inability to do so was doubtless a disappointment to Tehran, but the Iranians can probably still console themselves that the attack was frightening for the Israeli people and alarming to their government. Iran probably hopes that it was unpleasant enough to give Israeli leaders pause the next time they consider an operation like the embassy strike.

Hizballah is Iran’s ace in the hole. With more than 150,000 rockets and missiles, the Lebanese militant group could overwhelm Israeli air defenses. . . . All of this reinforces the strategic assessment that Iran is not looking to escalate with Israel and is, in fact, working very hard to avoid escalation. . . . Still, Iran has crossed a Rubicon, although it may not recognize it. Iran had never struck Israel directly from its own territory before Saturday.

Byman and Pollack see here an important lesson for America:

What Saturday’s fireworks hopefully also illustrated is the danger of U.S. disengagement from the Middle East. . . . The latest round of violence shows why it is important for the United States to take the lead on pushing back on Iran and its proxies and bolstering U.S. allies.

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