In the UK, Politicians Live in Fear of Islamist Radicals

February 26, 2024 | Stephen Pollard
About the author:

Chaos erupted in the British House of Commons on Wednesday after the speaker of the house, Lindsay Hoyle, violated time-honored procedural rules by allowing debate on a proposed amendment to a motion calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The details of the breach of protocol are not nearly so important as the reason Hoyle cited for caving into pressure, namely, that he is “very, very concerned about the safety” of his fellow MPs. This comes only a few weeks after another parliamentarian announced his retirement following threats to his life over his support for Israel. Stephen Pollard comments:

In other words, according to Sir Lindsay, his reason for selecting the Labor amendment was fear of the mob—that if Labor MPs weren’t given the opportunity to vote for their own ceasefire amendment, . . . he feared for their safety. And so he caved in to mob rule.

Dismayed as Pollard is, he’s unsurprised:

Every week . . . mobs of hundreds of thousands take to our streets with genocidal screams of “From the river to the sea,” chanting support of the Houthis, parading posters that could have come straight from Nazi Germany, and demanding jihad and global intifada. . . . And what do the authorities do? They stand and watch as these hate marches take over London—and other cities—and turn them into no-go areas for Jews. The marches—despite their repeated, clear, and proud intent—are given the go-ahead by a police force which has lost the will and the ability to keep the streets free from hate.

Why do the police appease rather than arrest the hate marchers? In part because they know the chances of the Crown Prosecution Service following through and charging anyone are close to zero.

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