One of Israel’s Most Prominent Arab Figures Speaks about Terrorism, Israeli Democracy, and Her Own Experiences

February 21, 2024 | Lucy Aharish
About the author:

Born and raised in the southern Israeli town of Dimona to a Muslim Arab family, Lucy Aharish is currently one of the country’s leading news anchors. In this conversation with Bari Weiss, Aharish speaks frankly about her own experiences, from being the only Arab in her school, to surviving a terrorist attack during the first intifada, to the morning of October 7. She speaks with equal frankness about the politics and society of Israel, a country to which she is fiercely loyal. Most interesting, perhaps, is her reaction when asked about Israel’s simultaneous identity as a Jewish and democratic state: to Aharish, there seems to be no tension between the two. (Video, 63 minutes. Note that there is some occasional strong language.)

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