Protecting Jews from Anti-Semitic Crime

January 19, 2021 | Raymond Kelly and Mitchell Silber
About the author:

In the wake of the murderous attacks on Jews in Pittsburgh, Poway, Jersey City, and Monsey, and the now-commonplace, but less bloody, anti-Jewish violence on the streets of New York, American Jewry has more reason than ever to fear for its own safety. Drawing on extensive research into the situation in Europe and the U.S, New York City’s former police commissioner Raymond Kelly and the former head of the NYPD’s Intelligence Analysis Unit Mitchell Silber address what police forces can do to protect Jews and what Jews can do to protect themselves. Kelly in particular urges American synagogues to adopt some of the security measures employed by their European counterparts, while both he and Silber believe that European police forces can learn much from New York’s. (Moderated by Hannah Meyers. Video, one hour.)


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