The Demography of Haredi New York

May 20, 2024 | Lauren Hakimi
About the author:

The United Jewish Appeal (UJA) has released the results of its latest survey of Jews in the greater New York City area. In preparing the data, pollsters took pains to reach hasidic Jews who often fall through the cracks of such efforts at data collection. Lauren Hakimi notes some findings about the haredi enclaves of Brooklyn:

In both Borough Park and Williamsburg, UJA said, most households made less than $50,000 per year, making them the poorest Jewish neighborhoods anywhere in the eight-county area. In both neighborhoods, about one tenth of respondents said they “sometimes” or “always” run out of food before they have money to buy more, based on samples of a few thousand households in each neighborhood. The percentage of food-insecure families was twice as high as the average for the entire area.

The researchers . . . purposely avoided asking people in haredi areas questions about “satisfaction with children’s education” and “LGBTQ identity” out of fear that these questions would either be “redundant” or Haredim would find them “offensive,” according to the published methodology report accompanying the study.

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