December 10

December 7

To Jeremy Corbyn and His Ilk, Israel Is an Enemy That Must Be Crushed

Will a Palestinian flag fly over 10 Downing Street?

Israel’s Revolutionary Plan to Provide Europe with Natural Gas

With the help of Cyprus, Greece, and Italy.

The Truth about Judah the Maccabee’s Military Prowess

Were the Hasmoneans really outnumbered?

December 6

Hizballah’s Plan for a Subterranean Attack on Israel

Preparations for the Third Lebanon War.

Recent Polls Suggest Many Palestinians Would Accept Compromises Unthinkable to Their Leaders

Giving up the “right of return” for an independent state.

Philip Johnson, Nazi Sympathizer and Synagogue Architect

The shockingly easy rehabilitation of an admirer of Hitler.

December 5

To Defend Terrorism, Palestinian Factions Set Aside Their Differences

Fatah doesn’t want the UN to condemn its bitter enemy, Hamas.