April 25

The World’s Oldest Jewish Library

Amsterdam’s Biblioteca Ets Haim.

April 24

Close the PLO Office in Washington

A proper, and legal, punishment for rewarding terror.

Iran’s Presidential Elections Are an Elaborate Charade

But also a referendum on the regime’s legitimacy.

Isaac Deutscher’s Non-Jewish Jew

From Ḥasidism to Marxism.

April 21

President Trump’s Call to Erdogan Reaffirmed American Alliances in the Middle East

Repairing the damage done by the Obama administration.

Turning the Jews of the Land of Israel into Hebrew Speakers

Keeping Yiddish out of the movie theater.

April 20

Modern Turkey Comes to an End

Erdogan’s new sultanate has a purpose.

A Pharaoh’s-Eye View of the Exodus

Absent miracles, might usually wins.