July 29

July 28

An American Diplomatic Mission to the Palestinian Authority Doesn’t Belong in Jerusalem

Once again, Israel is being treated like no other nation.

Tunisians Are Disenchanted with Islamist Rule

The recent coup didn’t kill democracy—just acknowledged its death.

Germany Shouldn’t Remain Silent about Iran’s Anti-Semitism

A deeply entrenched policy of appeasement.

Private Sins Aside, Philip Roth’s Biographer Fails to Understand His Jewish Context

“I don’t want you to rehabilitate me”—just to give me the last word.

July 27

Are Jews White? Should Anyone Care?

Progressive activists insist upon seeing friends and enemies alike through the lens of race, and they’ve located Jews at the top of the white-supremacist pyramid.

Jackie Mason, a Great Talent Who Struggled with “Cancel Culture” before It Had a Name—and Recovered

An unabashedly Jewish comedian who won over audiences of all faiths.

How Coffeehouses Came to Jerusalem

Imams and rabbis condemned them, but they flourished nonetheless.

July 26

To Deter Iran, America Should Give Israel a Big Bomb

The ayatollahs may doubt whether the U.S. would use it; they won’t have any trouble believing that the Israelis will.

Those Endorsing the Replacement of the Traditional Family Show Little Concern for the Fate of Children

Polyamory, throuples, communes—and children as an afterthought.

Meet the Orthodox Mother of Twelve Who Ran the Office of an Israeli President

She hopes one day to represent Ḥaredim in the Knesset.