October 16

The Ancient Greeks and Romans, but Not the Jews, Believed in Mythical Creatures

Dissecting a tendentious new-atheist attack on the Hebrew Bible.

October 11

Israeli Indecision on the Palestinian Issue Is a Sign of Strength, Not Weakness

What a new book about Israeli prime ministers gets wrong, and right, about today.

The Yom Kippur Attack at a German Synagogue Is Not an Isolated Event

A result of the failure of the authorities.

A 5,000-Year-Old Metropolis North of Tel Aviv

The region’s largest city in its day.

October 10

The Syrian Civil War Is Changing Arab Attitudes toward Israel

As Arab rulers and their peoples come to see that Islamism and Iran are the real threats.

Whatever Happened to God and Country?

Younger Americans value patriotism, religion, and family far less than they did a few decades ago.

October 8

Israel’s Political Instability Poses a Strategic Danger

And if Netanyahu is out, hostile powers may try to test a new prime minister’s mettle.