January 20

January 19

How Samantha Power and John Kerry Encouraged Palestinian Terror

Sending the message to the PA on incitement.

What Barack Obama Owes Vladimir Putin

The administration helped the Russians accomplish the very things it denounced.

Hizballah Goes on Trial in Peru

The most important terror case you’ve never heard of.

The Italian Schindler Who Conned the Germans into Letting 5,000 Jews Go Free

Giorgio Perlasca impersonated the Spanish ambassador.

January 18

Islamic State Makes Its Way into Jordan

And could bring the country closer to Syria.

January 17

The Paris Conference Delivered Another Blow to Peace

The latest exercise in diplomatic futility.

Barack Obama’s Policies Have Made the World More Dangerous

But Israel has reason for cautious optimism.

How Modern Anti-Semitism Is Predicated on Memory of the Holocaust

At the core of new and old anti-Semitism is the humiliated Jew, stripped of legitimacy and under attack.