September 23

High Holiday Prayers Set to Music—Persian Style

Accompanied by a master player of the santur.

September 22

Russia Extends Its Influence into Lebanon

Putin wants to be the Middle East’s indispensable intermediary.

A Rediscovered Prayer by a Medieval Rabbinic Giant

Naḥmanides and the Catalonian liturgy.

September 21

Last Week’s Peace Agreement Sends a Clear Message to the Palestinians

And refutes notions that have shaped U.S. Middle East policy for more than half a century.

Israel’s Vulnerable New Friends Are Drawn to Its Strength

Bahrain and the UAE fear demography, Iran, and a withdrawing U.S.

“I Had the Good Fortune to Be a Jew Born and Raised in the USA”

The late Supreme Court justice’s Yom Hashoah reflections.

From Selling Jewish Calendars to Selling Schmutz: A Story

A fictional peddler reflects on the imponderability of anti-Semitism.

September 18

Peace Has Come, but Mahmoud Abbas Wants No Part of It

Another Palestinian leader who sold out his people.

How Israel Found Itself in a Second Coronavirus Lockdown

Protestors shouldn’t get special dispensation.

Iran’s Space Program Is Far from Benign

The goal: to become a nuclear power on par with Russian and China.