April 17

April 16

Yes, Iran Wanted to Hurt Israel

The attack was designed to succeed, not to fail.

Why U.S. Warnings Haven’t Deterred Iran

“Don’t” isn’t enough.

Our Fathers Were Slaves in Egypt—and in Serbia

A grandfather’s postcards tell of his last days under the Nazis.

Ancient Wine Wasn’t So Bad after All

New research on old vessels.

April 15

Why Saturday Was a Resounding Defeat for Iran

And a look at the technologies that will be used next time.

Israeli Deterrence Is Shaken

But Iran may have miscalculated.

How Israel Is Thinking about Its Response to the Iranian Assault

It’s better to plan a response properly, even if it takes time.

An Indiana Abortion Ruling with Serious Implications for Jews

Religious freedom and state law after Dobbs.

April 12

Iran’s Options for Revenge on Israel

After a high-profile strike, Tehran risks looking weak.

Are Ceasefire Negotiators Talking to the Right People?

Understanding Hamas’s rival leaders.

Why Israel Must Go into Rafah

And ignore bad advice from Washington.