February 20

February 19

Hamas Is Creating a Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

With a little help from Mahmoud Abbas.

The Spoils of War in Jewish Law

The Torah permits plunder, but also disapproves.

February 18

European Aid to the Middle East Is Shaped by a Political Agenda

An agenda that includes hostility toward Israel.

The Enduring Legacy of Iran’s Call for Salman Rushdie’s Death

From the Danish cartoon to widespread self-censorship.

How the Talmud Anticipated Behavioral Economics

From ancient tort laws to modern Israeli psychologists.

Orthodox Rabbis Debate New York State’s New Abortion Law

An expansion of freedom to follow halakhah, or a license to kill?

February 15

Iran Is Back on Israel’s Doorstep

What Monday’s shelling in the Golan portends.

German Anti-Americanism, the Holocaust, and the Jews

Filling the vacuum left when anti-Semitism went out of fashion.