September 19

Is French Postmodernism Good for the Jews?

No, but it’s great for anti-Semites.

September 18

How Israeli and American Jews See Past Each Other When It Comes to Anti-Semitism

The best thing Israel can offer in response to anti-Semitism is its existence.

The Story of Israel’s National Emblem

And its reference to the book of Zechariah.

September 15

Germany Can’t Admit Where Anti-Semitism Comes from

Defining left-wing and Islamist hatred down.

How Jack Benny Turned Himself into WASP America’s Preposterous and Lovable Jewish Uncle

A comedian who embodied a Jewish stereotype from which the sting of prejudice had been leached.

Finally, Lithuania Begins to Confront the Holocaust

The shadow of collaboration and of Soviet rule.

September 14

Samantha Power Exploits the Memory of Elie Wiesel

Never forgetting and never learning.

Why Netanyahu’s Trip to Latin America Matters

Rekindling an old friendship.