January 17

Jews, the Hebrew Bible, and the American Founding

Whence, and whither, religious liberty?

January 16

Without a Major Shift in U.S. Policy, There’s Little Hope for Syria in 2018

Neither Russia, nor Iran, nor Assad seeks compromise.

While Israeli Christians Thrive, Those under Palestinian Rule Suffer

Fear of Muslims outweighs animosity toward Israel.

Children of the Kibbutz

A history of the future that wasn’t.

The Halakhic and Moral Challenges of Gene Editing

What’s wrong with playing God?

January 15

Stop Denying That Hizballah Controls Lebanon

The fiction that destabilizes the Middle East.

Announcing the Death of Liberal Zionism Is Simply an Attempt to Delegitimize Israel

Can it be that the Arab rejection of Israeli statehood has had no effect on the prospects of a two-state solution?

Reason, Revelation, and Leo Strauss’s Jewish Commitments

Is there anything distinctively Jewish about the philosopher’s thinking?

Cutting Military Aid to Pakistan Is a Good Start, but It’s Not Enough

We may not be able to pry Pakistan from its paranoid dependency on jihadism, but we don’t have to fund it.

January 12

A Showdown in Syria Underscores the Need for a More Active U.S. Role

Neither Turkey nor Russia can deliver an outcome that benefits America.

Can the EU Be Induced to Abandon Its Craven Attitude toward Iran?

Europe talks human rights while sympathizing with the mullahs.