July 18

July 17

If Iran Goes Nuclear, the U.S. Will Be Forced Out of the Middle East

Washington needs to see the region as part of a global picture.

Orthodox Jews Join the NYPD

The academy may be more welcoming than the Ivy League.

July 16

The Possible Death of Mohammad Deif, and What It Means

Terrorist groups are more than the sum of their leaders.

To Conscript Haredim, the IDF Will Have to Make Some Compromises

But the enlistees will have to make bigger ones.

The Man Who Foresaw the Rise of German Anti-Semitism

And how he became a reluctant Zionist.

Rabbis against the Theater

And ancient Judaism’s greatest playwright.

July 15

After Elections, French Jews Wonder Who Their Real Friends Are

The left hates them, the center betrays them, and the right tamps down its hostility.