February 1

January 31

By Keeping Iran in Check, Israel Helps the U.S., and Ukraine

A daring drone strike, West Bank terror, and Russia’s war.

The Warning behind Philip Roth’s Joking

Rereading Portnoy’s Complaint now that the Golden Age of American Jewry is over.

In a Lost Lecture, a Modern Sage Explains Why Halakhah Is the Redemptive Antithesis of Ritual

“No one achieves happiness or bliss when paying his taxes.”

January 30

Condemning Terrorism in Jerusalem—and Efforts to Stop It

It’s easy to say that murdering Jews is wrong. But why is it hard to say that Jews are allowed to defend themselves?

Economists’ Concerns about Israeli Judicial Reforms Get the Situation Backward

The rule of law isn’t the same as the rule of lawyers.

Iran’s Jihad on British Soil

A lattice of ostensibly religious and cultural institutions, meant to breed fanaticism.

The Life and Legacy of Max Weinreich, the Architect of Yiddish Scholarship

The dean of Yiddish versus Hitler’s professors.

Jewish Prayer as a Virtue

“I love the Lord for He hears my voice.”

January 27

What Benjamin Netanyahu’s Strategic Vision Owes to David Ben-Gurion’s

A strong and vibrant state will attract allies.

An Upcoming Supreme Court Case Could Make It Easier for Americans to Keep Shabbat

Currently, the Post Office can fire an employee who won’t deliver mail on the Sabbath.