April 13

How Talmudic Legends Found Their Way to “Arabian Nights”

And their translator’s ambivalent attitude toward Jews.

April 12

Can America’s Elite Find Religion?

The chasm between self-directed choice and the biblical thou-shalt-not.

Joseph Roth, the Jewish Literary Genius Who Mourned the Austrian Past and Foresaw the Coming Doom

“The barbarians have taken over. Do not deceive yourself.”

April 9

Israel’s Naval Shadow War with Iran Comes Out into the Open

Stopping the smuggling of arms—and sending a message to Washington.

The U.S. Rewards Mahmoud Abbas for His Snubs

The Palestinian Authority president wouldn’t deign to take a call from the U.S. secretary of state.

What the Bible Means When It Speaks of Worshipping God

Prayer isn’t the same across religions.

April 8

Negotiations with Iran Could Easily Lead to a Worse Deal Than Was Secured in 2015

The pursuit of the elusive Iranian moderates continues.

Lebanon Arrests a Hizballah Critic for the Crime of Talking to Israelis

The U.S. should stick up for Kinda el-Khatib, and those like her.