September 21

Judaism, the Jews, and the Economics of Freedom

How the biblical emphasis on worldly blessings changed history.

September 20

The Jewish Metaphysics of Sin

From Mount Sinai to the Yom Kippur War.

The Folly of Ignoring Dictators

Lessons from the dinner party from Hell.

September 19

In a Changing World, Japan-Israel Relations Are Growing Stronger

The Abraham Accords, the war in Ukraine, and the rise of China have brought Tokyo closer to Jerusalem.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Is Ailing, and He Has No Clear Replacement

The Islamic Republic may soon face its greatest crisis yet.

How Hasidim Became the Jews of the Jews

The New York Times displays a bigotry just about everyone can participate in.

How a Socialist Revolution in Southeastern Germany Inspired Hitler

Jewish socialists didn’t cause anti-Semitism; the events associated with them merely reactivated it.

September 16

Mahmoud Abbas May Have Chosen to End His Career in Violence

His attempt to blackmail Israel and the U.S. could backfire.