October 14

A Gigantic Byzantine-Era Winepress Found in Israel

Producing millions of liters of light, white wine.

October 13

The CIA’s Poorly Timed Demonstration of Weakness toward Iran

Exactly the wrong moment for a “softer approach.”

The Mossad Should Stay Out of the Limelight

The secret of its success has been the success of its secrecy.

Jewish Thinkers’ Fatal Attraction to an Anti-Semitic Philosopher

Martin Heidegger, Abraham Joshua Heschel, and Leo Strauss.

Did a 13th-Century Rabbi Know about Lightning Rods?

Baḥya ben Asher, magic, science, and church bells.

October 12

Naftali Bennett’s Meeting with Joe Biden Began to Repair the Cracks in the U.S.-Israel Alliance

But the Jewish state will need to improve relations with American Jewry to face the challenges ahead.

How Israel Got Hit Hard by the Delta Variant—but Rode It Out

Early vaccination meant an earlier need for boosters.

Babi Yar, Site of One of the Holocaust’s Biggest Massacres, Is a Reminder of Both Nazi and Soviet Anti-Semitism

“Even when you walk through the valley of death, you are still making moral choices.”

Hizballah Is Dragging Lebanon—and West Africa—into the Syrian Drug Trade

And further crippling the Lebanese economy in the process.

Lost Photographs of Johnny Cash in the Holy Land

In one album, the American country musician brought his listeners on a musical tour of Israel.

October 11

The U.S. Should Discourage Its Arab Allies from Reconciling with Syria

Providing loopholes to American sanctions won’t end the war.

Time for Stopping the Islamic Republic’s Nuclear Program Is Running Out

The U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan scared Tehran out of building a bomb. It’s not scared any longer.