April 1

March 31

Israel’s New Government Is Neither a Win Nor a Loss for Either of the Major Parties

Both Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu gave up things they wanted in return for things they needed.

Iran, Aided by China, Expands Its Influence into Central Asia

Bringing Tajikistan and Uzbekistan out of the Saudi orbit.

March 30

Benny Gantz Should Be Praised for Compromising, Not Condemned for Capitulating

He elevated country over personal and partisan interests.

Give Lebanon Medical Aid, but Don’t Help It Out of Its Financial Crisis

A bailout for Beirut is a bailout for Hizballah.

What Natan Sharansky Knows That Bernie Sanders Doesn’t

Remembering the truth about Jews and Communism.

March 27

The Knesset Has Resumed Its Business, but Both Sides Have Broken Unwritten Rules

Was Yuli Edelstein justified in keeping the Knesset closed?

Now Is Not the Time to Extend Sanctions Relief to Iran

The suffering caused by the coronavirus is the fault of the regime.

As with Past Plagues, Beware an Outbreak of Anti-Semitism

There have already been telling signs.