December 10

The Overlooked Third Son of Adam and Eve

An argument against original sin.

December 9

The Logic of Iran’s Global Terror Strategy

Tehran lays plans for attacking the U.S.

The Pursuit of Peace between Israel and the Palestinians Is a Waste of America’s Political Capital

Why should the U.S. pursue something contrary to its own interests?

Henry Ford’s Zionist Grandson

Rejecting the sins of the fathers.

December 6

Is There a Way Out of Israel’s Political Deadlock?

A third election begins to look like a possibility.

The Dangers of Ignoring Anti-Semitism

On both sides of the Atlantic, it’s the hatred that need not be condemned.

Britain’s Terrorism Superstitions

The dangerous belief in rehabilitation.

December 5

The Settlements, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Danger of Conflating Politics with Law

Whatever happened to “It’s legal, but it stinks”?

The Baby Bust and the New Progressive Turn against Marriage

In the era of polyamory and “escaping gender norms,” marriage becomes one script among many.