January 19

Archaeologists Uncover a 2,000-Year-Old Jerusalem Marketplace

Used by pilgrims on their way to the Temple.

January 18

Why Pakistan Won’t Be Israel’s Next Muslim Ally

Anti-Semitism, Islamism, and geopolitics stand in the way.

America’s Most Popular Podcast Is about the Bible

A more optimistic look at the state of society.

January 15

The Fight against a Working Definition of Anti-Semitism

Irrational arguments conceal hostility toward Israel.

Accusations of Israeli Apartheid Are Completely Disconnected from the Ugly Realities of South African History

The closest thing to apartheid is the Palestinian ban on selling land to Jews.

A Rabbi and a Catholic Writer Discuss America’s Spiritual Crisis

Is the U.S. still “a nation with the soul of a church”?

January 14

Iran’s Recent Troublemaking Is a Sign of Weakness

The U.S. should press its advantage.

Why the International Criminal Court Should Stay Out of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Blundering into a politically motivated legal proceeding will accomplish nothing.

Benjamin Netanyahu Courts the Arab Vote

It could make the difference for him in the next election.