June 24

June 23

Everyday Life by the Rivers of Babylon in the Era of Jeremiah and Ezekiel

The earliest records of the Diaspora show Jews keeping the memory of their homeland alive.

June 22

The Politicized Death of a Journalist in Jenin

Palestinian and U.S. leaders refuse to cooperate in Israel’s investigation of the shooting of Shireen Abu Akleh.

The Biden Administration Must Rethink Its Approach to Saudi Arabia

It can promote U.S. interests and peace with Israel at the same time.

The Supreme Court Issues a Victory for Religious Parents

States may no longer prevent students in religious schools from receiving government tuition vouchers.

The Ukrainian-Born Founder of WhatsApp Has Become a Major Donor to Jewish Causes

The multibillionaire has gone almost unnoticed in the world of philanthropy.

The Official Postcards of the Early Zionist Congresses

“The Angel of Zion, framed by a Magen David, extends its wings and points Jewish exiles toward Eretz Yisrael.”

June 21

The Arab-Israeli Conflict May Have Already Ended

Don’t let bombs upstage breakthroughs.

Qatar Is Funneling Billions into Washington and Elite Universities

Doha’s investments seem to be paying off.

Why Some Reform and Conservative Congregations Are Becoming Lubavitch to Stay Afloat

A new way for longstanding communities to reverse decline.