June 13

June 12

Israel Still Has More to Fear from Iranian Nuclear Weapons Than from Hizballah

What increasing Washington-Tehran tensions mean for Jerusalem.

The Soviet Roots of Today’s Anti-Semitic Cartoons

Dressing up anti-Semitism as anti-Zionism.

Judicial Reform Will Remain on Israel’s Agenda Even after Netanyahu Leaves Office

The prime minister’s legal woes aren’t the main problem.

The Equality Act Could Prove a Threat to Religious Jews

A Jewish school seeking to hire a female teacher would have to consider candidates who “identify as female.”

June 11

White Liberals Are Turning against the Jews and Israel

“The Great Awokening” breeds fear of Jewish power.

Understanding the Jewish Romance with the Law

“More desirable than gold . . . sweeter than honey.”

The Fall of the Soviet Empire Was a Victory for Israel

It brought more allies and more citizens.

When the Noise of Children Returned to Moscow’s Choral Synagogue

A rabbi’s son recalls the revival of Judaism in the Russian capital.

June 7

A New Auschwitz Exhibit Gets Everything Right—but Fails by Turning the Jews into a Metaphor

No, the Holocaust didn’t happen because of a lack of love.

Bill de Blasio’s Shameful Whitewashing of Left-Wing Anti-Semitism

Which ignores the rash of attacks on Orthodox Jews.