April 18

A Play about the Lehman Brothers Dips into Anti-Jewish Anti-Capitalism

More barukh Hashems than New York has skyscrapers.

April 17

Ilhan Omar and Her Willing Dupes

Compassion out of one side of her mouth, contempt out of the other.

A 5th-Century Gold Coin Found in Israel Commemorates the Emperor Who Took Away Jews’ Rights

Evidence of the man who ended the Sanhedrin, on the Sanhedrin Trail.

How the Books of Exodus and Esther Use Humor to Underscore a Message of Hope

Ironic inversions unite two narratives of redemption.

April 16

How the Israeli Left Has Undermined Faith in the Rule of Law

The judicial establishment reaps what it sowed.

Passover’s Message and the Meaning of Freedom

Not willfulness, but freedom for excellence.

Israel Reached for the Moon

“If the probe had merely succeeded in reaching its correct altitude after launch, dayeinu.”

April 15

Archaeology, the City of David, and the Future of Jerusalem

The only way to protect Jerusalem’s heritage is to ensure that it remains under undivided Israeli authority.

How and Why Hamas Founded CAIR

Couching its rhetoric in slogans like “social justice,” “due process,” and “resistance.”