November 15

The Planet Saturn and the Jews

How Ibn Ezra reinterpreted an ancient curse.

November 14

Iran’s Missile-Cap Offer Is a Sham

Another attempt to dupe the West.

Shutting Down Debate about Israel at Princeton

A Hillel house banned not a critic of Israel, but the country’s deputy foreign minister.

November 13

Has Donald Trump Lost Syria to Iran?

Tehran is filling the void left by Islamic State.

How the Quakers Turned against the Jews

Leading supporters of BDS will soon bring its message to Jewish students at Quaker schools.

Can Western Europe’s Embrace of Euthanasia be Slowed?

The killing of psychiatric patients is becoming normal.

The Place of Anti-Semitism in Today’s Fractured Conservative Politics

William F. Buckley’s search for anti-Semitism.

An IDF Veteran Reflects on an Indian Graveyard in Jerusalem

Forgotten soldiers and a forgotten war.

November 10

How Anti-Israel Animus Brought Down a British Government Minister

Helping Israel treat Syrian refugees? Inappropriate!

Stopping Iran’s Missile War on Saudi Arabia

A strategy perfected by Hizballah and Islamic Jihad.