May 30

May 25

Strengthening the Abraham Accords at Sea

Israel’s navy can help its new Arab allies and the U.S.

The Cognitively Disabled Soldiers Who Handle an Elite IDF Unit’s Most Sensitive Materials

“My dad is a lieutenant colonel, and I wanted to follow him to the army and volunteer.”

The Gospel Comes to Streaming Television—without Demonizing Jews

The Chosen could alter how a whole generation of Christians envisions the Jewishness of Jesus.

May 24

Hamas Takes Aim at a Crumbling Palestinian Authority

Most Palestinians have little faith in their leaders, and tend to think violence is the answer.

Ruth through the Eyes of Poets, Painters, and Photographers

The joy of summer, the hardships of poverty, or the paradoxes of homecoming?

Inside America’s Biggest Teen Bible Contest

About whom is it said: “A hairy man with a leather belt tied around his waist”?

May 23

Domestic Political Controversies Haven’t Harmed Israeli High-Tech

Despite a global downturn, the long-term prospects are good.

The Shoah Was Brought about by Anti-Semitism, Not “Hate”

Learning lessons about everything from “trans violence” to “climate change”—but nothing about the Jews.

The Forgotten Shavuot Rebellion

And an ancient sect’s version of all-night study.