January 15

The Pitfalls of an Anne Frank Comic Book Are Not Those One Might Expect

When it comes to the horrors of the Holocaust, and to its heroine as a writer, it falls short.

In Repressive Myanmar, the Tiny Jewish Community Enjoys Toleration

Once home to thousands of Jews, about whom George Orwell complained.

January 14

The Palestinian Authority Pays Terrorists at the Expense of Its Neediest Citizens

Don’t believe its excuses about “social welfare.”

Europe Should Be Eliminating Blasphemy Laws, Not Expanding Them

Such laws neither promote tolerance nor protect minorities.

The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism, and the Realities of Jewish Bolsheviks

Refuting an anti-Semitic libel need not involve papering over Soviet crimes.

An Orthodox Rabbi’s Case for Interfaith Prayer with Christian Zionists

“For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord.”

January 11

Palestinian Rulers Are Indifferent to Their People’s Suffering in Syria

They’re much more committed to squabbling with each other.

Israel Should Tell the International Observer Force to Leave Hebron

It serves no purpose other than cooperating with anti-Israel groups.

Muslim Congressmen Should Be Held Accountable for Their Anti-Semitism

But their bigotry shouldn’t be taken as representative of Muslim Americans’ attitudes.

Discovered in Israel: A Biblical Shrine for the Ark of the Covenant?

A sign of the north’s domination of the south.

The End of the Jewish Community of New Castle, Pennsylvania

Saying kaddish for a rust-belt congregation.

January 10

The “Liberal Zionist” Assault on Birthright Betrays the Irrationality of Progressive Jewish Hostility toward Israel

Is Israel’s democracy less sacred than the moral comfort of American Jewish progressives?