February 9

Setting the Record Straight on Poland and the Holocaust

Heroic acts of rescue alongside terrible crimes.

Is Jewish Law an Expression of Heavenly Ideals or a Pragmatic Measure for Bringing Order to Society?

A 14th-century rabbinic debate on the purpose of the legal system.

February 8

Bashar al-Assad Is Using Chemical Weapons Again. Will the U.S. Avert Its Gaze?

Last year’s airstrike worked, but only for a time.

Hamas Is Rebuilding Its West Bank Infrastructure

The carefully planned murder of Raziel Shevach was the work of skilled terrorists.

Why Looney Anti-Semites Remain Respectable

Lawrence Wilkerson thinks the Jews are manipulating the country into war with Iran.

Céline’s Rehabilitation, from Nazi Collaborator to Distinguished Novelist

And what to do with great artists who used their pens for evil purposes.

February 7

The Administration’s National Security Strategy Shares Much, but Not Everything, with the Israeli Outlook

The U.S. no longer sees the Israel-Palestinian conflict as the region’s biggest problem, or Iran as the solution.

A Century after the Balfour Declaration, Is the UK on Israel’s Side?

Yes, but London’s support is becoming more tenuous on both left and right.

How the IRS Went After a Pro-Israel Group, and Why It Matters

An Obama-era scandal that should concern everyone.

The Private, Jewish-Led Counterespionage Group That Took on American Nazis during World War II

Official indifference to the threat of fascism allowed all too many pro-German conspirators to escape.

How Citrus Fruits Came to Israel

Before life gave the Near East lemons, it gave it citrons.

February 6

The Red Sea: Next Flashpoint in the Middle East?

Iran, Turkey, and China have the waterway in their sights.