August 8

Jacques Lipchitz, Tuscany’s Great Jewish Sculptor

His villa is now a ḥasidic summer camp.

August 7

Younger Saudis See Palestinian Statehood as a Threat

They believe every dollar Riyadh gives to the Palestinians will go to help Tehran.

Islamic State Is Poised to Make a Comeback in Iraq

On the back of sectarian conflict.

The “New York Times” Stands by Its Debunked Claim about Ben-Gurion

What Israel’s first prime minister really thought about “land for peace.”

Maimonides the Mystic

No kabbalist, but someone who yearned for mystical union with the Divine.

August 6

Islamic State, and Russia, Arrive at Israel’s Borders

The threat from IS isn’t going away, and a Russian police force won’t help maintain calm.

Sex, Desire, and the Transgender Movement

A form of radical expressive individualism at odds with the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Open Hillel’s Latest Initiative Shows Its Indifference toward Anti-Semitism

Why is a left-wing Jewish group trying to get other Jewish organizations kicked off campus?

Archaeologists Uncover the Bimah of Vilna’s Great Synagogue

A piece of 18th-century baroque architecture.

August 3

Meet Imran Khan: Pakistan’s Anti-Semitic, Anti-American New Prime Minister

He thinks the “Israeli lobby” controls the media.