May 16

The Temple Mount Sifting Project, Fourteen Years On

From First Temple pottery to Byzantine churches.

The Iraqi Elections Were Not an Unqualified Win for Iran

It’s worth celebrating the peaceful transfer of power.

May 15

Making Sense of the Juxtaposition of the Jerusalem Embassy Opening with the Gaza Riots

Islamist violence happens regardless of American policy.

U.S. Iran Policy Must Look Beyond Nuclear Weapons

And include limited application of military force.

How Henry Roth Used Ornate English to Imitate Yiddish

To the frustration of German test-takers.

May 14

The New American Embassy Punctures the Fantasy of an International Jerusalem

Without objection from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

Israeli Popular Music Is Bridging a Painful Fault Line

From Independence Day celebrations to Eurovision.

Finding a Way Out of Our Civilization’s Crisis of Confidence

Can America have another Great Awakening?

May 11