New EU-Sponsored Guidelines for Journalists: Report the News Only the Way We See It

October 27, 2017 | Bruce Bawer
About the author:

A newly formed organization sponsored by the EU and composed of media outlets from eight European countries is dedicated to preventing alleged Islamophobia from creeping into reporting on ethnic minorities and immigration. To this end, it has recently released a 39-page document with guidelines. Bruce Bawer describes it:

[T]he document exhorts us not to write too much about “sensationalist incidents involving migrants,” since “violent individuals are found within every large group of people.” If, however, we do feel compelled to cover such incidents, we must never cease to recall that the “root causes” of these incidents “often have nothing to do with a person’s ethnicity or religious affiliation.” What, then, are those root causes? The report advises us that they include “colonialism, racism, [and] general social inequality.” Do not forget, as well, that there is “no structural connection between migration and terrorism.” . . .

The report cautions that even to touch on the question of “whether asylum seekers’ claims are genuine” or “whether migrants have a right to be in the country” is thoroughly inappropriate: it places the focus on “law and order” rather than on such things as “the fundamental right of asylum.” Yes, you read that correctly: “the fundamental right of asylum.” Never mind that under international law not everyone is entitled to asylum—and that a huge proportion of self-styled asylum seekers in Europe today have no legitimate grounds for such a claim but are, like many of us, seeking better economic opportunities. . . .

The only surprising thing about this document is that it actually includes a brief section on anti-Semitism, in which it suggests—believe it or not—that equating Israel and Nazi Germany may not be a good idea. For the most part, however, the report is one long taxpayer-funded catalog of politically correct protocols which—if adhered to by everyone in Europe who is professionally involved in reporting on events concerning Islam and immigration—would guarantee a full-scale whitewash of the alarming developments currently under way on this unfortunate continent.

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