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March 20, 2019 | Bassam Tawil
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At the end of last week, Palestinians gathered in the Gaza Strip to protest the failing economy and the Hamas government’s onerous taxes, enacted as other sources of funding have dried up. Bassam Tawil comments:

The unprecedented protests . . . apparently caught the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip by surprise. . . . That may explain Hamas’s response to the mass protests, which by all accounts was . . . extremely violent. Within 24 hours, Hamas militiamen and security officers had opened fire on hundreds of Palestinian protesters chanting: “We are hungry!” and “Save Gaza from starvation!” . . . It is also worth noting that many of the Palestinians who were brutally beaten by Hamas were children. . . .

Meanwhile, . . . instead of calling out Hamas for its crimes against its own people, the hypocrites at the UN, the international media, and other international forums continue to point an accusatory finger at Israel for simply defending itself against rockets and missiles that are fired toward Israeli civilian centers on an almost daily basis.

Recently, in a grotesque allegation, UN human-rights “experts” claimed that Israel may have committed war crimes by shooting at Palestinian demonstrators who tried to breach the Gaza-Israel border fence and infiltrate into Israel. The demonstrators who were shot were mostly Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, as both organizations have openly admitted. In other words, Israel is being accused of war crimes for defending its border against terrorists attempting to infiltrate it in order to murder or kidnap Israelis. . . .

It is the leaders of Hamas, and only Hamas, who are violating international law in and around Gaza. They are committing war crimes against Israelis, and they are committing crimes against their own people. It is time for the human-rights “experts” and foreign media to wake up to facts.

Read more on Gatestone: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/13910/hamas-war-crimes-against-israel-palestinians

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