The Labor Party Has Utterly Betrayed British Jewry

Yesterday, the Jewish Chronicle—the usually restrained, 178-year-old Anglo-Jewish newspaper—published a front-page editorial urging not its regular readers but the general British public to vote against the Labor party in the December elections because of the anti-Semitism that has engulfed it. Tanya Gold, among the many British Jews who have forsaken the party over its hostility toward them, describes the current climate:

“Jew’” is absolutely a loaded word again. I have been told, very recently, that the Rothschilds control Europe—at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting of all places; and by a socialist, naturally. This is normal. When I ask Labor members about anti-Semitism, they react with denial or, more likely, fury: why do we seek to maim the [socialist] utopia, and why do we not do something about Islamophobia? (I wish I could; but how does ignoring anti-Semitism further the anti-racist cause?) I know they think my testimony is suspect—oh, lying Jew!—but my antennae are set to peril, and I trust them.

I also trust that things will get worse; that the more [anti-Semitism] is tolerated, the more it bleeds across the culture. Do people really think that a far-right thug will pause before he punches a Jew and think: hang on, didn’t this rhetoric emerge from Stalin’s Russia? The left provides the script, always, for they are the pseudo-intellectuals writing their borrowed lies; the right, the fists.

That Labor call themselves progressives, and yet are imbued with the infection of ancient Christian Jew-hatred—the murder of God was our original sin—is . . . laughable. We [Jews] have returned to our settled place; too proud, in every sense, to assimilate; rather, we drift across the world to where we feel safe.

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