As the “Woke” Mob Turns on Adoption and Foster Care, Only Religion Encourages People to See Beyond Race

December 22, 2020 | Malka Groden, Kathryn Lopez, Naomi Schaefer Riley
About the author: Malka Groden is a domestic-adoption advocate in the American Jewish community.

Along with “abolish the police” another slogan has emerged recently from the radical left: “abolish foster care.” Behind the slogan are complaints about real failures of an imperfect system mixed with irrational claims that foster care is inherently racist. A parallel argument condemns white parents who adopt babies of other races. In a wide-ranging discussion, Malka Groden, Kathryn Lopez, and Naomi Schaefer Riley address these arguments and other problems affecting efforts to care for vulnerable children. Groden, herself a devout Jew and the adoptive mother of two biracial children, notes that when it comes to adoption only “religious voices” and “faith-based institutions” are committed to looking beyond race. (Video, one hour.)

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