Fashionable Left-Wing Policies Are Endangering Jews

May 6, 2021 | Jonathan Tobin
About the author:

Between April 23 and April 25, Jordan Burnette vandalized synagogues in the Bronx seven separate times. While he was eventually found and arrested, he was promptly released from custody thanks to a 2019 New York City bail-reform law, which has made it extremely difficult for judges to keep suspects in jail prior to their trials. Jonathan Tobin provides some context:

Rather than leading to more justice, the only immediate result [of bail reform] was more crime. . . . The timing was also particularly troubling because it coincided with a wave of anti-Semitic crimes in which Orthodox Jews were largely targeted by African American assailants in the greater New York area. Indeed, one such perpetrator, a woman named Tiffany Harris, who had been jailed repeatedly for committing assaults against Orthodox Jewish women, was freed again and again.

In the days after Burnette’s release, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which continues to pose as the defender of the Jewish community against anti-Semitism, said nothing about the case. Since his release, both the group and its CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, found time to . . . advocate for Facebook to continue its ban on posts from former President Donald Trump and to claim that American police were engaging in “systemic racism” against African Americans. Although they raise massive funds from liberal donors by seeking to depict Jews as under siege from hate crimes, they were mum about the way those who committed such crimes have benefited from bail reform.

We know that had he been a right-wing extremist, the attacks on synagogues in Riverdale would have been considered a threat to all Jews. . . . But since Burnette didn’t fit into that scenario, the ADL has remained silent about a Jewish community being terrorized.

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