The Age of Entitlement Breeds Anti-Semitism

February 12, 2024 | Hannah Meyers
About the author:

Examining the intimidating and often violent anti-Israel demonstrations that have broken out on city streets and college campuses in the past few months, Hannah Meyers observes:

The anti-Zionist protesters who have blocked bridges in Manhattan and the airport in Los Angeles, smeared paint on government buildings, burned police hats, and bludgeoned their opposition with megaphones aren’t the miraculous or demonic manifestations of the attacks of October 7. Their actions to disrupt, menace, and injure others have come about as the result of a policy, procedural, and moral failure—a failure that has led the perpetrators of these offenses to believe themselves not only justified but elevated somehow by their decision to take action. This failure is the logical conclusion of a profound societal change over the past two generations—a decision to teach our youth that true virtue comes from claiming you are deserving of an entitlement.

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