Europe Is Failing to Protect Its Jews

April 3, 2024 | Menachem Margolin
About the author:

Always a problem, violent anti-Semitism has gotten more frequent and more severe in Europe since October 7. European leaders have in many cases issued condemnations, and can point to various plans to combat anti-Semitism that their governments have approved in the past few years. But, argues Menachem Margolin, such steps have had “no visible or demonstrable practical application.”

Police departments are hamstrung in the face of openly anti-Semitic protests, unsure, and therefore unable, to stop public manifestations of hate. The courts, too, seem to have little to no framework available when it comes to prosecuting the anti-Zionists and anti-Semites who have made our collective Jewish life here in Europe hell.

The result? Jew haters are emboldened because they can act with impunity.

Today, the number-one cost for Jewish communities is security. Jews are largely on their own, footing the bill for private security and equipment—funds that could be used for Sunday schooling, community development, or holiday celebrations. I should also add here that the EU just put out a call for funding the security of Jewish institutions, but the bloc’s bureaucracy is often so cumbersome that—as one prominent rabbi put it—“it’s like asking someone to fill out a lengthy insurance form while your house is on fire.”

In short—and let me be blunt—if governments aren’t prepared, or are unwilling, to turn words into action . . . the entire strategy will be useless.

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