The Hebraic Roots of Modern Equality

March 16, 2020 | Joshua Berman
About the author: Joshua Berman is professor of Bible at Bar-Ilan University and the author most recently of Ani Maamin: Biblical Criticism, Historical Truth, and the Thirteen Principles of Faith (Maggid).

In ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and even Greece, political and economic life were defined by strict systems of social stratification, with little opportunity for advancement. Joshua Berman, delving into the political teachings of the Hebrew Bible, identifies a radically different vision of social life based on the fundamental principle that all of mankind are created in God’s image. Not only equality before the law, but such principles as judicial independence and limited government, Berman argues, have their roots in Jewish Scripture. (Video, one hour. Options for download and streaming are available at the link below.)


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