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September 23, 2020 | Ruben Malekan
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Beginning before Rosh Hashanah—the exact date varies from one community to another—observant Jews recite special penitential prayers called s’liḥot, which are properly said in the middle of the night. Last year, Rabbi Ruben Malekan sang some of these prayers to their traditional Iranian Jewish melodies at a rare concert. He was joined by Manoochehr Sadeghi, a master player of a dulcimer-like instrument known as the santur, by Cantor Michael Stein (playing the guitar and oud), and Jared Stein on the violin and shofar. More information about the performance can be found here. (Video, 66 minutes. The music begins around the 16:35 mark.)

Read more on YouTube: https://youtu.be/BbUkRiw4AWE?t=1000