A Christian Bible Scholar and a Rabbi Discuss the Meaning of Biblical Ritual—and Jerusalem’s Superiority over Athens https://mosaicmagazine.com/picks/religion-holidays/2022/07/a-christian-bible-scholar-and-a-rabbi-discuss-the-meaning-of-biblical-ritual-and-jerusalems-superiority-over-athens/

July 22, 2022 | Dru Johnson
About the author: Dru Johnson is an associate professor of biblical and theological studies at The King’s College in New York City, director of the Center for Hebraic Thought, host of The Biblical Mind podcast, and author of the new book Biblical Philosophy: A Hebraic Approach to the Old and New Testaments.  

In a wide-ranging conversation with Ari Lamm, Dru Johnson explains how he came to realize that the Hebrew Bible, more than any of the works of classical antiquity, shaped the modern world; what serving in the air force taught him about the power of ritual; and why he wants more Christians to learn Hebrew. The two also address the rite of the red heifer (Numbers 19), which the Talmud deems the most puzzling of all the Torah’s commandments. (Audio, 40 minutes.)

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