Why It's Necessary to Bring Jewish Communism into Full View https://mosaicmagazine.com/response/history-ideas/2019/06/why-its-necessary-to-bring-jewish-communism-into-full-view/

Airing the complicity of some American Jews with Soviet criminality is essential to the honor and the reputation of the Jewish people.

June 17, 2019 | Ruth R. Wisse
About the author: Ruth R. Wisse is a research professor at Harvard and a distinguished senior fellow at the Tikvah Fund. Her most recent book is No Joke: Making Jewish Humor (2013, paperback 2015).
This is a response to The Death of Morton Sobell and the End of the Rosenberg Affair, originally published in Mosaic in June 2019

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David Evanier has done a great service in profiling Morton Sobell, one of the American Jews who spied for Stalin’s KGB. Though Evanier had already covered some of this ground in his 1991 novel Red Love, his account in Mosaic gives us facts and information unadorned by the arts of fiction.

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